Thursday, August 26, 2010

Azerbaijani Ho Jacks Beyoncé's Swagga

Don't get me wrong. I'm down with Safura. Girlfriend owned Eurovision 2010 and her stunning debut "Drip Drop" was a deserved #181 UK smash hit. Hell, I even spent 20 Euros importing her (rather fabulous) album from Germany. But no one - and I repeat, no one - FUCKS with Queen B! I can't believe the pride of Azerbaijan had the audacity to go all Sasha Fierce in her new video. Who does she think she is? Ninel Conde? Honestly, "March On" re-defines the term hot mess. Safura proves without a doubt that she's currently the worst dancer in pop music (Robyn just breathed a sigh of relief) and the Beyoncé thievery that begins at the 1:20 minute mark is car crash viewing at its best. Or worst - depending on your tolerance for comedy. I love how she's not only ripped off the choreography from "Diva" but also managed to hunt down Bey's costume on eBay. Well played, Safura! All sarcasm aside, "March On" is actually a good song and deserves to scrape into the top 100 on some random chart. Bring on her much hyped (by Azerbaijani gays) collaboration with Colby O'Donis!


Mariah said...

get over yourself... and beyonce. nothing about beyonce is original, so if this chick is ripping her off, then she's ripping off about 100 others as well.

Aaron said...

Ooh! - Sounds awesome - She looks FIERCE though!

As for the album, What's it like, musically?

the writer said...

I think that she's one of the worst dancers ever! Her album is very boring except March On. She will never be the next Beyonce because she will flop hard!

The Prophet said...

I co-sign the first comment.

Plus, what about this is like Beyonce? I don't see Bey at all. This song is way better than anything BeYawnce has ever done. She's an awful dancing but I'm liking her.

Oh wait, I see, the two girls behind her. Well, Beyonce ripped that off from Mexican Breakfast, so technically this chick isn't copying Bey at all.