Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zoë Badwi - Freefallin'

After a slow start to the year, the Australian pop scene has caught fire with a bunch of hot new tracks on the way from some of our favourite divas. I'll be featuring all of those lovely ladies over the next couple of weeks but it's going to take something pretty amazing to top the pure pop explosion that is "Freefallin'". As many of you already know, I've been a Zoë Badwi fan since the glory days of Sirens (check out these posts). Solo stardom appeared to be a forgone conclusion when "Release Me" topped the club chart for several months last year but the song never really crossed over despite the fact that I still hear it 3 times a night when I go out. Her follow up singles were a bit hit ("In The Moment") and miss ("Don't Wan'cha") but she has finally struck gold with "Freefallin'".

Penned by Australia's favourite exiled pop star and produced by Denzal Park (of "Filter Freak" fame), the track gently nudges Zoë out of her dance music comfort zone into the radio friendly world of pure pop. You can tell Amy Pearson had her fabulous butterfingers all over this. The lyrics are relentlessly upbeat and the chorus is an absolute monster. I'm so into Amy at the moment. I think her amazing scrapped album should be carved up among Australia's struggling pop divas as a merciful act of charity but I digress. "Freefallin'" is utterly irresistible and I hope it's a massive smash. The song is already available to download on iTunes and the video debuted today. It's a simple affair with Zoë being handcuffed by gay dancers in a flooded sewer (happens to me all the time) but she looks pretty and it's good to know that studded jackets are making a comeback. Check it out below.


Calen said...

"It's a simple affair with Zoë being handcuffed by gay dancers in a flooded sewer (happens to me all the time)"


Matt said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

much better than her other songs