Thursday, July 29, 2010

Courtney Act Is Back

Six long years after revolutionising pop music as we know it with the Oxford Street classic "Rub Me Wrong", Australian Idol's most fabulous graduate has finally released a second single! Courtney Act's latest musical triumph was unveiled while I was away but it deserves a belated post. The former Pop Panellist is a great friend of this blog and I'm ecstatic that she's returned to her pop roots after several years ruling the strip as Sydney's hottest drag queen. Admittedly, "Welcome To Disgraceland" is a tie-in to publicise the nightclub in which Ms Act holds court but I genuinely love this four minute trashfest. Let's face it, anything that name checks Lady Gaga, Oprah and Kate Moss was always going to push my buttons! I'm yet to venture out to Disgraceland since getting back but I hope Courtney's anthem is being blasted twice an hour. The video is predictably fabulous. It looks more expensive and professional than 90% of the locally produced film clips released this year and I can pick out half a dozen people I know, which is always amusing. The classy homage to Kylie's "Spinning Around" at the beginning is my highlight! Help keep Courtney in wigs by downloading the track from iTunes now.


The Prophet said...

That dress and heels with the spikes is FUCKING AMAZING. Rihanna would kill to wear it.

Courtney looks stunning and I love how she has the boy and girl version in the video, so cool.

She looks amazing. The song is a bit too drag queeny on the hook rather than a real crossover dance song, but I love it. I've always been a fan of Courtney. Everyone, straight or gay, knew she was the most exciting thing from Idol. Everyone remembers the ACDC song.

Btw, the police scene is amazing.

I probably still prefer Amanda Lepore's "My Pussy" to this, but I think Courtney is too classy for a song like that anyway so this is perfect. I'd love to see Courtney do a song like Amanda's "Cotton Candy".

"don't welcome no shade because this is my parade". That's such a heidi line, I love it!

shane said...

Quite a decent song/video.
Leave the autotune to untalented people like Brian Mcfatcunt though next time honey.

Paul said...

She has the same eye shadow as my mom! who is sometimes fabulous in adult depends :)

Andrew said...

I disagree with Prophet. This is a shockingly likeable drag queen tune that manages to hold back from going full disco diva (thank god!) and manages to create something that sound like the greatest thing lady gaga never recorded. She's screaming in envy somewhere :)