Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kylie's Ode to K Lo - Video Review

I was ready for just about anything when I sat down to watch "All The Lovers" - apart from a stunning homage to Kelly Llorenna! Yes pop fans, Kylie has bathed in a vat of Golden Glow in a touching tribute to the orange goddess. You just know K Lo is crying tears of joy and gratitude in her super-powered sunbed. Maybe she'll return the favour by covering "All The Lovers" for her next stunning unreleased AATW anthem! Apart from resembling a walking advertisement for Le Tan, Kylie looks smokin' hot. And not just because fell asleep in the solarium. Bitch has finally shelled out the cash to see Dannii's high end plastic surgeon or hired James Cameron's CGI team because she could pass for 25. I love the hair and her costume is surprisingly flattering. Kylie has her swag back and I fully expect her to wear as little as possible during the entire "Aphrodite" campaign!

As for the rest of the film clip - I'm a little underwhelmed. Maybe the preview raised my expectations to an unrealistic level. It's definitely 100 times better than any of the "X" videos and the concept is clever. She is a modern day Aphrodite calling everyone to worship her and fuck at her feet. Nice. The cinematography is beautiful and it walks the fine line between sexy and tacky with ease. However, I somehow thought or hoped that the gang bang would be one scene in a greater storyline or plot. Or that there would at least be a couple of different set-ups. If Parlophone were going to spend the big bucks on any video then surely it should be this? The end result isn't bad by any means. In fact, it's better than 95% of the crap being churned out by her competitors but it's not the iconic triumph I was hoping for. That said, I love the random circus animals and the clip's simplicity reminds me of "Come Into My World" - which has gone on to become something of a classic. Perhaps I just need to watch it a couple more times before making a final judgement. Anyway, here's a link:

All The Lovers - Video Clip

"All The Lovers" will officially be unveiled on YouTube tomorrow. Hopefully someone tones down the orange before then. Hell, I could probably do it using Final Cut Pro if they're short on cash or techical support!


The Prophet said...

I love it. The video is so random and ridiculous.

I think it's a nod to Slow, and the Horse is her paying homage to Queen Britney, her younger and more successful counterpart.

Mike said...

Sorry bitch, Mimi did horses first and better:


As usual, Britney was 10 year behind the game!

tommie said...

Flop! I'll just listen to "The 1995 sessions" instead of Dannii's much older and horse-like sister's latest flop album!

rcLoy said...

She is a modern day Aphrodite calling everyone to worship her and fuck at her feet. - I salute you.

John said...

Meh...maybe it wasn't as technically impressive, but she did this much better in "Slow". It's okay, but not exactly epic.

Me said...

Ignoring the fact there are very brief shots of near naked talent, the only good things about this video are:

- the stunning tribute to the ICONIC Crazy Dove Lady

- the fabulous Inflatable Elephant!

lord_dodo said...

i am a bit dissapointed.but i love everything what kylie does.

alan said...

I am more upset about the egregious rip of Mylène Farmer's 'Dégénération'. Kylie expects to get away with recreating a glossier version, devoid of the original's dark subtext!

Seth said...

Vicious H8tahz! NaFen Will BAN your asses, As far as i'm concerned Kylie's video is absolutely stunning, loving every single bit at the orgy and the elephant. <3

Mike said...

LOL Nafen's powers only extend to the Dannii Board.

I actually think I was way too harsh. After a few more views, I've really come around to the concept and I'm in love with the floating elephant, random horse and tacky dove!

Cyril said...

I'm totally addicted to the song and the video. A kitsch classic.

Some haters here in France dare to say Kylie has ripped our mylene off.


babyblue558 said...

I agree with the people who are saying them music video seems very similar to Mylène Farmer's Dégénération. As for the song, after hearing it a few times on the radio, it's definitely growing on me.