Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aphrodite - Listening Party

Earlier tonight I went along to Warner Australia's "Aphrodite" listening party and finally had the chance to hear Kylie's exquisite new album in full. I'm surprised I wasn't uninvited (like Alanis) after my last post but I'm glad no one held a grudge. The Prophet - my hot date to the event - has already written a mini-review and I pretty much agree with every word. As expected from the megamix and Amazon preview clips, "Aphrodite" is almost flawless. I'll have to play it again a couple (of hundred) more times to make my final verdict but, on first listen, it's very, very impressive.

I was particularly surprised by how different some of the tracks sound from the previews - notably "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)", which is screaming out to be a future single and the endearingly trippy "Closer". As for the rest, "Get Outta My Way" still sounds like a sure bet as second single and Luciana's "Cupid Boy" is even more dark and delicious in its finished form. Most of the people I spoke to singled out the title track as a standout but to my ears it's a bit of a throwback to the Gwen Stefani-esque shenanigans on "X". Think the tour version of "Heart Beat Rock" with a better chorus. The Prophet got his stan on for "Illusion" and "Too Much" but I was more impressed with the album's only mid-tempo moment - the gorgeous "Everything Is Beautiful" - and relentlessly joyful "Can't Beat The Feeling". Bless Pascal Gabriel. We both agreed that "Looking For An Angel" is the only real stinker but it kind of sounds like a Dannii B-side so it will probably be my favourite track on the album by the time it's released!

There really isn't much to criticise and I'm ruthless when it comes to Kylie - only because I love her so much and hold her to a higher standard than second rate imposters like Madonna and Britney! If pushed, I almost found it too cohesive. I kind of miss the rough around the edges playfulness of "X". A little bit of shit sometimes makes you appreciate the gems all the more! I also think the second half is ever so slightly weaker than the first but that is being extremely picky. "Aphrodite" is a stunning return to form that would have been a perfect follow-up to "Fever". In just, it picks up where that album left off - just with a slightly mellower, loved up perspective and a fresh batch of collaborators. Heidi, Ke$ha and Lolene now have serious competition for album of the year! Expect a full review when the album leaks is released.

EDIT: The album has leaked (and no, it wasn't me)! Expect a full review in the next couple of days.


The Prophet said...

Definitely the perfect follow up to Fever, but nothing will ever beat Body Language!

Looking for an Angel is beyond a stinker!

I'm glad th album is cohesive and slick! I dont want rough edges on Aphrodite.

Amazing album. Illusion is so good coz it's so subtle and different, but I can see how ppl will hate it.

Too Much is a future smash. The whole album (minus angel) snatches wigs.

John said...

So you mean it will be a quality flop in the US, rather than a confused flop like X?

Paul said...

Can't wait for the album. how dare you legally get it 3 days before the UK!!

Robpop said...
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Moogaboo said...

So glad to hear that you loved it! I can't wait to get my hands on it. UGH the wait is going to kill me.

Mike said...

John - I still love "X" and haven't actually decided if I prefer "Aphrodite". It's definitely more consistent but I'm not convinced if the highs are quite as... high?

Moo - It's leaked so the wait is over for 99% of fans if the sales figures for "All The lovers" are any indication!

I can't wait to listen to it on repeat tonight and pull my thoughts together.

Craig said...

i love looking for an angel!

daniel said...

can't wait for your review mike! :)

the writer said...

I'll review it too. Judging from the previews, we have another dance gems collection !

tommie said...

Poor Dannii's much older sister. She can't even stop the leak of her latest FLOP album Hermaphrodite.

She should try to be more popular. Like Dannii.