Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Damn Robyn. Just when I was about to write that bitch off, she goes and does this. And by 'this' I mean make a typically demented video for what is undeniably one of 2010's best tunes. In my last post I mentioned "Better Than Her" (stop laughing, haters!) and "All The Lovers" as early frontrunners for pop song of the year but I forgot about Sweden's favourite troll. As disappointed as I am by "Body Talk", I can't fault a single second of "Dancing On My Own". It's the bitter twin sister of "Be Mine". A sad, pathetic and all too human snapshot of a broken heart complete with a ball-tearing chorus and driving dance beats. The track cuts through me like a rusty chainsaw. I can identify with each and every line. So kudos to her for owning up to the level of crazy that we're all occasionally capable of. This is the Robyn that I know and love. The girl who isn't afraid to explore feelings and emotions within the context of an extremely catchy four minute pop song - not the pretentious artiste with a robot fetish. To celebrate the return to form of Sweden's third best singer, here are ten things to note about her latest video (below).

1. Cosmetic dentistry hasn't caught on in Sweden.
2. For once Robyn doesn't look like an extra from Lord of the Rings.
3. The styling is hot and she looks fucking sexy.
4. In fact, I think I'm going to try out that haircut. Only with a little less volume because I don't want to be hit on by lesbians. Any more than usual.
5. Kylie is no longer the worst dancer in pop.
6. For proof check out the hilarious dance routine at 1:30 mins. LOL.
7. Robyn is amazing in close-up. Her eyes and attitude scream superstar.
8. The scene where she's working across the dancefloor, stalking her ex-boyfriend is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking.
9. Fist pumps are the new jazz hands. Work it, Robyn!
10. Someone has clearly been watching "Papa Don't Preach".

"Dancing On My Own" has smash hit written all over it. The song is released on the 14th of June with remixes by Fred Falke and Michael Woods. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth buying for the cover (above) alone.


Guy said...

Argh, I don't like the clip! For some reason it seems less visually adventurous than the stuff from the last album. Love the song thoug.

undisco_me said...

The song is perfect - I'm just waiting to skim the cream from her 3 disc extravaganza bizness.

tommie said...

You are spot on that this song is really pathetic - yet, we've all done it in some way or another, even if we even won't admit it to ourselves.

Love, love, love the video. It's exactly how I imagined it. And you have to admire Robyn for not caving in an fixing that snagged tooth of hers.

Oliver said...

Amazing. While im not convinced this is one of the best songs of 2010 (though I like it a lot!) I do rate this video as one of my favorites. Just perfect!

the writer said...

I like the video very much as well as the song. Although Robyn is ugly, let's face it, she managed to make a beautiful video. This is a good talent! Well, the song maybe is in my top 5 pop tunes for 2010 already!

Anonymous said...

lol she is a really bad dancer!

Kevin said...

This sounds like a cheap rip-off of Lady Gaga's "Dance In The Dark", the structure and instrumentation is so similar.

D'luv said...

Kevin, this doesn't sound like "Dancing In The Dark" at all. Quit being a h8r!

Robyn's teeth are almost as sexxy as the roots in her lez-weave.

John said...

I'm gonna argue a couple of points here. First, I don't think she's ugly at all. Definitely not model-like, but there is something pretty hot about her, and maybe that comes from how she carries herself. The song is not a career-maker, but the video and the song come together and end up being bigger than the sum of their parts. Sadly, music videos like this are now the exception instead of the rule. And anyone who wants to accuse someone of stealing from GaGa (who I do love) needs to just listen to "Alejandro" and then write a check to Ace of Base.

Alex said...

I quite like the video but a little more visibility of the ex she's stalking would have been nice. It isn't needed of course but still... Her fist pumping dancing at 1:30 looks like she was having flashes of Toni Basil's Mickey video or something similar.

In any case, I will be buying the album and if there are any physical CD single releases in the US I will get them.

Also, were Lady Gaga to credit Ace of Base with any bit of influence I would hope to see a resurgence of sorts. Jenny Berggren from AoB has released a solo song of the pop variety, "Here I Am". Different from the Ace of Base styled stuff. Album due in September apparently...

Anyone care to share your opinions? Not to switch from one Swede to another but... :-P

Andrew said...

I loved it! Even the dance at 1:30! Something about it seemed epically tragic, and it was beautifully shot.

This song does not sound like Tranny BlahBlah's. I love her, but I also love calling her that, lol.

Anonymous said...


I had watched the video a few times but I was more entranced with the song than the video. But after reading your article, I watched the video again. And holy Sh!t!!!! I can't believe how cheezy and funny the video became.

The fist pumps!! Jersey shore all the way!!
Did you catch those half-hearted smoke machines in the back? hahaha!!
I always thought Robyn wasn't all that great looking but I really looked and I couldn't help but think she looks a lot like a baglady I've seen in the city. That face just reminds me of a woman whose been knocking back a few many beers!
But the music is awesome though.