Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ninel Conde - The Mexican Beyoncé

I really don't know that much about Mexico's stunning Ninel Conde apart from the fact that she's the arch rival of my beloved Lorena Herrera and is clearly a massive Beyoncé fan if the video clip of her latest single is anything to go by. "Mujeriego" plays like a four minute homage to Sasha Fierce. The costumes, choreography and outfits all look very familiar. It's like "Single Ladies" crossed with "Sweet Dreams" with a dash of "One Night Only" thrown in for good measure! Don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing shade on lovely Ninel. As far as I'm concerned all foreign divas should steal from their more famous international counterparts. Hell, Ami Suzuki would be hocking her box on a Tokyo street corner if she stopped copying Kylie! I just think it's interesting that Ninel borrowed B's image so completely but stuck with her own unique brand of trashtastic Mexi-pop. It doesn't quite gel but who gives a shit when the finished product is this much fun? The Beyoncé themed video is hilarious - she obviously hired Fey's low budget special effects team - and the song is a welcome burst of trashy fun. I particularly love the catchy chorus and low brow production values. Ninel is not in Lorena's league of fabulousness yet but she could well be a contender if she keeps this up! Sit back, relax and enjoy the sheer cinematic brilliance of "Mujeriego" (below).


The Prophet said...

Can't we replace BeYawnce with this trash?

At least she has a personality unlike that brain dead robot Bey!

Christian Stovitz said...

Check it out live!

I love her!

undisco_me said...

That's, like, amazing!

I need to check these divas listed asap.

Jafet M. Denegri said...

I'm so proud, she's one of the biggest trash divas here in mexico, i love her

D'luv said...

This reminds me -- I need to make a run down to Baja for some cheap meds.

michael said...

Rage has the most sensational playlist tonight, featuring things like:
Pistol In My Pocket - Lana Pellay
Love Is The Gun - Blue Mercedes
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love - Kim Wilde
Looking Good Diving - Morgan McVey
I'm Not Scared - Eighth Wonder
GBI - Towa Tei & Kylie
I Want You - Toni Pearen
Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - Geri Halliwell

John said...

Part Beyonce, part Shakira, and part Rupaul's Drag Race. That pic up top makes her look like a finalist from this season.

Anonymous said...

Money Can’t Buy You Class is one of the greatest songs of the year! I was happy to hear LuAnn is back in the studio working on a 2nd smash hit single can't wait!

Mike said...

Hey Michael - thanks for the heads up. I wish I saw it!

And I love that Ninel is winning over so many random gays. I should put that hot bitch on next week's Pop Panel.