Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kylie Tracklisting, Remixes & Luciana

It's Christmas for Kylie fans. Not only has "All The Lovers" finally been unveiled in all its majestic glory, the "Aphrodite" tracklisting has been announced and the remix package is currently being downloaded by DJs around the world (apparently I qualify - LOL). However, the most exciting thing about today is that I can finally announce that my friend/international dance icon Luciana has a song on "Aphrodite". I've been dying to mention it for weeks but I was sworn to secrecy and didn't want to jinx anything by spilling the beans. This is HUGE for Luci and the song - "Cupid Boy" - is an absolute ball tearer! Congratulations, sweetheart! If that song is any indication of the rest of the album, Kylie has something truly extraordinary on her hands. Now the mixes. The WAWA & MMB Anthem remix is mind blowingly fabulous. I think I've listened to it 35 times this morning! Michael Woods brings an edge to his club banger, while the mysterious XXXChange remix will please the cool crowd. Ms Minogue has literally ticked every box this time around.

All The Lovers
Get Outta My Way
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
Everything Is Beautiful
Better Than Today
Too Much
Cupid Boy
Looking For An Angel
Can't Beat The Feeling

Oh and "All The Lovers"? I fucking love it. Expect a full review later today/tonight.


daniel said...

I'm so excited for Cupid Boy. Sebastian Ingrosso. AHHHH. Also, Pascal Gabriel/Richard X/Hannah Robinson's song is going to be amazing.

Paul said...

so very magnificent. plus TWO nerina pallot songs. Amazing.

arkie said...

how can we listen to these new remixes.
been walking the dogs listening to it endlessly.

daniel said...

the michael woods remix is terrible! so lazy. really excited for the wawa one though.

John said...

Are the remixes going to be available at the same time as the single?

undisco_me said...

The bleeding synthesizer middle-8 is GORGEOUS!

However, her child prostitute vocal is still an invisible exhalation of noxious nasal vapors, why can't she sing like she used to back in 1990? Sing your age, bitch!

Despite all that, I'm so looking forward to the album even if it doesn't include 2 songs I am beyond desperate to hear.

Mike said...

I'm sure the remixes will leak soon enough. They're just individually watermarked so I can't be naughty.

I quite like the Michael Woods mix. However, WAWA win hands down. I hope there's a radio edit.

Calle said...

I really can't wait till this album is released. fucking LOVE Kylie Minogue!!! All The Lovers is amazing