Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hande Yener - The Turkish Cheryl Cole!

Hande Yener is one of Turkey's biggest pop stars. The glamorous dance diva has sold millions of albums at home and racked up four #1 hits. She has also spent far too much time watching Cheryl Cole videos on YouTube. Under normal circumstances that would be an instant deal breaker but Hande's thievery is so blatant that I can't help but admire her shamelessness. Like Ami Suzuki before her, this Turkish delight has stolen borrowed an idea from a western counterpart and made it better. "Sopa-Yasak Aşk" is a catchy little synth-pop tune that's only a cheesy chorus away from Eurovision fodder. And I mean that as a compliment. I love the quirky mix of sounds and think the language sounds beautiful. Can somebody please tell me what she's singing about? It's probably something like "Hadise is a cheap slut". You can just tell Hande would cut a bitch that stood in her way! Which is probably what attracted her to a violent criminal like Cheryl Cole. Although it's hard to tell if the Turkish stunner is paying tribute to the Girls Aloud has-been or taking the piss. All I know is that the "Sopa-Yasak Aşk" video clip (below) is a virtual remake of "3 Words". And despite resembling Lady GaGa without make-up, Hande effortlessly manages to show up - excuse me while I vomit - England's sweetheart. The natural beauty's fierce attitude makes Cheryl look like a piece of wet lettuce, while her ability to actually hold a note adds to the embarrassment. A big thank you to Mert for bringing this icon to my attention. Now brace yourself for the Hande experience!


Cyber said...

I'd like a Hande-job from Hande! I just had to!

tommie said...
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tommie said...

She's nothing like Cheryl Cole - Hande is actually attractive!

Craig said...

I love her song!

D'luv said...

Fucked her.

Mike said...

Who hasn't?

tommie said...

Stop pretending to be anything but a power-bottom D'luv - she obviously fucked you. Hard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I m lıvıng ın Turkey and now she ıs the most popular sınger ın Turkey.. Her songs clıps are really good. but everyday all people give a new nickname for her


turkısh madonna
turkısh lady gaga
and now turkısh cheryl cole..

ıf you want to know about her songs you should listen 'ROMEO', 'DELİLER', 'SOPA', 'BODRUM' etc :))


D'luv said...

Tommie, um, DUH...what else did you think I was talking about?

By the way, Hande's cock — not that impressive.

tommie said...

But you won't feel anything under 12".

D'luv said...

Which would explain why you were a double disappointment.

the writer said...

Another bitch who wants to be the next Gaga...

Miss Halliwell said...

This bitch is so fucking good.

Yet another revelation of a post honey!

She shites better turds than what Cheryl produces after 13 valium and 4 months in a studio!


Rob Bruin said...

OMG, you already knew Hande! Well, good for you!! :D

Here's what she sings in Turkish, followed by a translation in English:

The 'Sopa' (Sticks) part:

Her günahın bedeli var – every sin has its price
Bunu zaten ödedim – and I paid it indeed
Her delinin bir sebebi var – every madness has its reason
Bunu zaten söyledim – and I said about it indeed

İçindeki yanlışın zinciri – the chain of inner mistakes
Kopa kopa durur – was aching badly
Ama aşk böyledir – but love is such a thing

Önce sevdirir – first it forces to love
Sonra sopa sopa vurur – and after hits as a blackjack

Günaydın – good morning
Geç uyandın - you got up late
Ama bitti – but it’s over
Aslında geç bile kaldım – well, it's obvious i was late
Zor uyandım - it was hard to wake up for me
Ama geçti – but it was late
İlacın etkisi yok – medicine hasn’t taken effect

The 'Yasak Aşk' (Forbidden Love) part:

Sana bana çok zor - that's hard for you and me 2x

Şimdi sen gidersen çok suçlu bir yürek - if you leave now, then this very guilty heart
Ayıptan kurtulur o zaman - will be saved from attaint
Zarardan dönersen çok kârlısın demek - if you cut your losses this means you’re so advantageous
Zayıftan güçlüsün o zaman - then you’re more powerful than the weak one

Haklı olan haklı kalsın bırakalım aklı kalsın - the one who is right let stay right, let’s give up, let him be wrapped up
Üzülemem onun yerine - i can’t be sad instead of him

Bana mı yasak aşkın? - is your love forbidden for me?
Suçlu bu kelime - this word is guilty
Ben dönüyorum kendi bedenime - i’m coming back to my own body
Sen vasat birine - you’re for the average one

Sana bana çok zor - that’s hard for you and me
Bana sana çok zor - that’s hard for me and you

Anonymous said...

I hate her! She's trying too hard to be like Lady Gaga but she should know that we know she's a garbadge wannabe who wants to be the next Lady Gaga!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm a Turkish and believe me she isn't a good singer she is sucks.she isn't original she is fake.