Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beyoncé Returns As B.B. Homemaker!

Way back in January I wrote a cheeky post about "Why Don't You Love Me?" being the 9th single from "Sasha Fierce". At the time the song was rapidly climbing the US dance chart (it eventually became the 5th of 6 #1 club hits from SF) and basically, I thought - why the fuck not? As it turns out, a similar idea obviously ran through Queen B's mind because the Solange penned anthem is currently being dusted off for an official release. Hell, yes! "Why Don't You Love Me?" is an amazing track that fully deserves its moment in the sun. And I'm not just saying that because it will help fund her little sister's next flop album. I genuinely love retro 70s Beyoncé. "Work It Out" has always been a favourite of mine and this is as close as she's come to re-visiting that period ever since. Surprisingly, Bey's gone all out with the video. A leaked preview (above) finds the diva in fine form, paying homage to blaxploitation films by posing as B.B. Homemaker - a desperate housewife with a bad smoking habit, short shorts and a killer pair of heels! Beyjesus looks stunning despite being covered in motor oil and I'm glad she recycled her fabulous wig from "Telephone". It's great to see Beyoncé finally cutting loose and having some fun. Strike this up as a thank you to her fans and stans. Keep 'em coming, B!


It's already here! And even better than I hoped for. Am I the only one who thinks working with Lady GaGa loosened Beyoncé up? All of a sudden she's doing housework in her skimpy outfits, smoking like a chimney and sucking down martinis in the bath. It's like she put a spy camera in my house! My favourite part is definitely when she dusts all her Grammy awards. This video is clever, funny and beautifully put together. I wonder if Sony Australia is brave enough to give the song a push over here. It's just weird and wonderful enough to work over. Particularly the catchy Jump Smokers remix. Anyway, prepare to be blown away by Beyjesus at her most fabulous. Sweetheart, if you're listening and have a couple of spare hours up your sleeve, I'd really love videos for "Smash Into You" and "Radio". But none of that black & white shit. Cheers.


John said...

I've heard people say this is a weak track, but I don't get it. It's one of my favorites from the 23 versions of "I Am" that were released.

Lawrence said...

she should just keep on releasing the whole damn album. This looks great!!!

tommie said...

Earn that cash my Solo-Angel!

Me said...

About time the egotistical bitch removed her head from her arse, ditched the green screen and clone-dancers. Looks like this may be the first decent video by the epileptic banshee since Ring The Alarm!

CaCa was good for something.

Seth said...

Mike, the video is STUNNING! even B.B makes a scene where she takes the HARD work of cleaning her grammy awards!!!! check it out here!:


Mike said...

Thanks for the heads up, Seth! It's fucking AMAZING. And I love her Grammy dusting. Bitch has swagga!

The Prophet said...

This slurry bitch was already acting like a slut well before her GaGa collabo, but working with GaGa actually rubbed off a little and got her to release her first decent music video in years.

She hasn't done a good video since the DIL era.

I love how she's dusting off those little trophies that her father bought her with the Knowles blood money. Grammys or whatever they're called.

Craig said...

1st beyonce song ive like in ages & great vid!

marion said...

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