Saturday, April 24, 2010

Luciana's "Skin I'm In" - Exclusive Pic

Here's an exclusive (and extremely tiny) picture from the set of Luciana's "Skin I'm In" video shoot. If you strain your eyes, you can soak up the glamour of her stunning ensemble and almost make out part of the LA skyline. It's hard to tell from one minuscule image but I have high hopes for the clip. Luci looks hot - as usual - and I love that circle of light around her. This shit has special effects and everything! As far as the song is concerned, I finally heard the finished studio version and it's a worthy follow up to her top 3 smash "I Like That". I wonder if Luciana is performing it on her current Australian club tour. I'm still bitter that she's not doing a Sydney show but you can catch her at the following venues:

30 April - Discovery Nightclub - Darwin
1 May - HQ - Adelaide
2 May - Platinum Lounge - Mackay

If you live in one of those cities, you're in for a treat. I saw her perform at Nevermind in January and she was absolutely amazing. While we wait for "Skin I'm In" to debut, let's re-visit Luciana's next UK single. "Go Go Go" (below) is a hot collaboration with rapper Lethal Bizzle and is slated for release on the 17th of May. I love this. Luci's verse makes the song and her neon lipstick will be the envy of drag queens across the nation!


undisco_me said...

I do agree that Luciana soaks up all the juice on that track, but my Lord (overall) it's just not my thing. Can't wait for more proper solo stuff though.

Me said...

1997 called - Saffron from Republica wants her swagga back...

Mike said...

"Skin I'm In" is great. I think you'll love it.

And Jay - Saffron's got nuthin'!!!