Saturday, April 03, 2010

Luciana's Plans For World Domination

2010 is the year of Luciana. My favourite dance diva is riding one hell of a winning streak at the moment with a massive hit in Australia and no less than 5 singles slated for release over the next few months! With so many projects on the boil, it can be a little difficult to keep track of pop's hardest working woman - so I thought I'd put together a little summary. Here goes:

1. Australian Chart Domination

As I mentioned previously, "I Like That" has been THE crossover dance smash of the Australian summer. Last week it peaked at #16 and received a Gold certification. I thought that was an amazing feat for an unheralded club record but then Australia's Got Talent happened. The song is currently being used to promote the show and the sight of a heavily pregnant Dannii Minogue busting a move to Luciana surrounded by two gross losers has transfixed the nation (watch video below). "I Like That" has since rocketed to #2 on Australian iTunes and looks set to jump in the top 10 this week. I'm so exited for her!

2. Mike Protests Vicious Records

My one man protest of Vicious Records was an epic fail. LOL. I'm devastated that Luciana's biggest hit is not being released physically, while Ian Carey's (admittedly fabulous) flop "Shot Caller" was. I know physical singles are being phased out but fans still collect them - remix loving dance music fans in particular. Maybe the song's new burst of popularity will sway them. At this stage I'd be happy with an acetate DJ promo in a clear plastic slip! Hint.

3. Luciana Returns To Australia

Luci is coming back to Australia later this month to promote "I Like That" with a series of club shows. However, none are slated for Sydney as yet. Rude. I notice she is performing at Bedroom Nightclub - where I recently saw the legendary Ami Suzuki! - so another trip to the Gold Coast might be on the cards.

4. Behind The Scenes Of "I Like That"

Check it out here. Amazing!

5. Next Australian Single

Now, this is where it gets a bit confusing. I know at least two local labels were sniffing around her latest collaboration with Bodyrox, "Shut Your Mouth", but I believe the new frontrunner is "Skin I'm In". Both tracks are great but I think the latter showcases Luciana's versatility better and is slightly more commercial. Can't wait to hear a proper studio version!

6. Luciana Does Gabriella Cilmi

The Queen of electroclash somehow found the time to pen a song for Gabriella Cilmi's surprisingly great sophomore album. I'll eventually get around to reviewing "Ten" but check out Luciana's contribution. "Superhot" is seriously amazing and would have made a much better single than the La Toya rip off "Hearts Don't Lie".

7. French Single And Video

David Vendetta is the latest DJ to benefit from Luciana's powerhouse vocals and songwriting genius. "Make Boys Cry" is slated for a single release in France and a video clip has been filmed. No word yet on a release date. I love this song. It's fucking epic. Fingers crossed, it will get a full international release.

8. New UK Single

Luciana features on Lethal Bizzle's latest single "Go Go Go". To be honest, I'd never even heard of the UK rapper before this collaboration but apparently he's quite a big deal. The classy neon drenched video has even been exclusively unveiled on The Sun's website. What a hot tune! He even raps about Beyoncé! I smell a hit.

9. Behind The Scenes of "Go Go Go"

Watch it!

10. N-Dubz Collaboration!

Last but definitely not least, Luci has hooked up with the UK's hottest hip hop outfit N-Dubz to record a song called "We Dance On" for the soundtrack of a new 3D movie called Streetdance. A video clip is also in the works. The song hasn't leaked yet but the film looks stunning - kind of like a crunk version West Side Story! Check out the trailer below.



ant! said...

Hi Mike. I too would like to see a physical single, but it probably won't happen. For those who must have 'I Like That' on CD, it's track 8 on the new So Fresh compilation (Autumn 2010), and there's also the fabbo video on the accompanying DVD well. Better than nothing, I suppose. If an acetate is available, one for me too, please. :-)

Craig said...

when does she sleep? lol


tommie said...

It's funny that someone started a topic about her in the PopJustice Dumper section - she needs more publicity stat! I'm thinking about starting a thread about her new projects in the regular section...

Paul said...

someone on her team needs to give you a job stat. I have images of your one man storming of the record company "release it now bitches!"

Mike said...

Ant - Thanks for the heads up. I'll pick up "So Fresh" for the DVD but I am going to find a promo of "I Like That" if I have to annoy every DJ in Australia!

Tommie - Yeah start a new thread on PJ. That would be great! I'd do it myself if I wasn't banned.

Paul - Not quite. I did send some strongly worded emails though. LOL! I would love to be on team Luciana.

Me said...

How fabulous for her! Perhaps her new found success will finally enable her to scrape together enough for a makeover so she can stop looking like a third rate pre Drop Dead Gorgeous Saffron-from-Republica

Mike said...


And "I Like That" is up to #7 this week!


John said...

You had me until N-Dubz.

Anonymous said...

sign me up for a physical cd too! I Like That is brilliant!

Matthew x

D'luv said...

I was hoping for a physical single, but I'd settle guessed it...fucking her sideways until her head cracks the plaster.

The Prophet said...

I;m glad to see her doing so well!

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