Monday, April 19, 2010

Chris Sorbello & The Supafest

Just look at that classy line up. The stand out performer is clearly Chris Sorbello but the rest of them are pretty fabulous if you're into that kind of thing. I have to admit I was sceptical about Australia's new Queen of Clubs (c) joining what is essentially an urban music festival but Thursday night's Supafest was proof that genre lines are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The show generated a lot of bad press (Akon missed the Adelaide leg, Kelly threw a massive tantrum at the airport and Eve sported the worst weave I've ever seen) but I enjoyed it despite the fact that half of the acts usually make my skin crawl. But more about them later. My whole reason for going was the lovely Ms Sorbello. I know she's a good live performer but there's a big difference between singing to 400 people in a nightclub and working it in front of 15,000 punters at Acer Arena. And she did amazingly well. In a short but sweet three song set, Chris more than held her ground among so many big names. She showed the majority of them up.

Chris getting mauled by fembots

Opening with "Dangerzone" was a smart move. I love that song and still think it's a viable single. It was interesting to note that the majority of the dance steps haven't changed since her showcase but why fuck with something that isn't broken? Chris used the stage better than anyone and her amazing fembots put Kelly Rowland's broke arse dancers to shame. The choreography was so tight. I still get a kick out the sequence where the fembots bring out the microphone in a series of robotic moves and their costumes looked brilliant under the lights. Chris didn't look too shabby either. Her old Hollywoood meets Cassie circa "Electro Love" hairstyle was the sex and I'm a complete whore for that skirt. "Dangerzone" was followed by "Symbiotic". It's no secret that I don't really like that song and Thursday night's performance didn't change that. I just think it's missing something. Like a chorus. Not that it mattered because Chris saved the best for last. It's been such an amazing journey witnessing "So Lonely" evolve from a shy little demo back in 2008 to the slick electro anthem it is today. I actually got quite emotional hearing her perform it in front of so many people. That song alone sums up how far she's come over the past year. It was the perfect end to an accomplished and original set.

Chris & Sean Paul swap numbers back stage

Next up was Eve. I've had a not so secret gay man's crush on her since she joined forces with Gwen Stefani on 2001's "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (has it really been 9 years?) and was looking forward to finally seeing her live. And she didn't disappoint despite having what appeared to be a dead muppet glued to her head. Bitch needs to call Ken Paves ASAP! Eve's set was very simple but she has star quality and it was fun hearing old favourites like "Who's That Girl" and "Gansta Lovin'". Unfortunately, I missed Jay Sean while I was back stage annoying Chris but I did manage to get high on the marijuana fumes streaming out of a certain dressing room. My only regret is not running into Kelly Rowland. I was dying to ask her what it's like to be in the presence of greatness (ie. Beyoncé) but I did hear a fantastic story about her ironing Akon's shirt - which makes me love her even more. By the time I got back to my seat, Sean Paul was half way through his set. I'm not exactly a fan but the crowd was going wild for him and I loved his bootylicious Jamaican dancers.


The biggest surprise of the night was Pitbull. With the exception of his stunning rap on Livvi Franc's immortal smash hit (in my mind) "Now I'm That Bitch", his music has always bored me senseless. However, after thirty minutes of watching the pride of Miami thrust his groin at the audience - I was just about ready to start a new fansite in his honour. It would just be heavy on pictures and light on audio. That said, "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" and "Hotel Room Service" sounded great live and his band was incredible. Consider me a convert! After Chris, the act I was most looking forward to was Kelly Rowland. As a life long Destiny's Child fan, she holds a special place in my heart and the hype surrounding "Commander" (her new single) suggested she had taken things to the next level. She hasn't. I hate dissing someone I genuinely love but Ms Kelly was a hot mess. She looked amazing and sounded good but she seemed lost on stage and made a series of embarrassing comments that made her look like an idiot. Things started well with great versions of "Work" and "Like This". I thought her re-jigged version of "Dilemma" was a misstep but not as bad as leaving the stage for an extended break after three songs only to return in the same costume. I guess she was busting for a piss. The highlight was her Destiny's Child medley of hits but I cringed when she told the crowd she was going to take them "way back" by singing "Survivor". It was released after at least three of the songs that preceded it. She then performed an awful cover of Coldplay's "Clocks" before thanking Australia for taking "When Love Takes Over" to number one. Sorry, Kelly. It actually peaked at #4. I know I'm being pedantic and slightly mean but I expected more from her. Maybe she was just having a bad night. All in all, I really enjoyed Supafest and hope they bring it back next year. Preferably with urban superstars like Solange, Khia, Michelle Williams, Choice, Livvi Franc, Kiely Williams and Heidi Montag in the line up. A boy can dream.

At least she looked good


undisco_me said...

Commander is great as in the relief I feel that it's not completely shit - once that novelty has subsided it's good but not amazing, you can hear all obligatory Guetta touches and the verses are so similar to B.E.P it doesn't warrant discussion.

I'd totally let the top 3 have their way with me - if I were a pop star on the up I know what I'd be doing (going down!)

John said...

You've come over to the dark side with Pitbull. Welcome!

Brett said...

Is that really Sean Paul with chris? doesnt he have corn rows?

dbf said...

Did you have a backstage pass or did you just blag your way there?

I'm sure Eve's weave couldn't have been worse than the one Kelly Rowland wore during the promo visit here to promote her flop Ms Kelly album. (any photos?)

I'm surprised that the whole thing actually went ahead; unlike almost every other urban music festival anyone's ever tried to put on in australia.

The Prophet said...

Chris is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i saw that Chris Sorbello, sexy as hell with a sweet vocal, i would like to see a bit more dance out of her and she could really develop into a triple threat. you go Matey!