Friday, April 23, 2010

Barb@zul & The Video Of The Year

Spain's hottest bear band is back with another stunning pop triumph! Like most of my favourite songs from 2009, Barb@zul's last single "Siente El Orgullo" featured on the Pop Panel and got slaughtered. I never understood the hate. José and Lázaro are more than a gimmick. They make great pop music and fun videos. It's just an added bonus that I want to be in the middle of a Barb@zul sandwich! Anyway, their latest anthem should continue to win over new fans. "I Don't Care" finds the band in a plaintive mood. The sound remains the same - think Depeche Mode meets Bronksi Beat by way of Ibiza - but the mood is darker and the lyrics are now sung in English. And then, there's the amazing video clip. Barb@zul's cinematic masterpiece is apparently based on a true story and tells the saucy tale of love and loss between two gay footballers. I'm completely obsessed - imagine Home & Away but with hot soccer playing Spaniards! The best thing about "I Don't Care" is the invaluable insight into Spanish culture. Here is what I learned from watching this video (a dozen times in the last hour):

1. Spanish homosexuals have great ball skills.
2. The guy who plays Juan is my future husband.
3. Tracksuits are fashionable in Spain.
4. Romance is alive and well in Barcelona.
5. Zuma de naranja is cheaper than water in gay cafes.
6. All Spanish footballers kiss their gay lovers during practice.
7. Don't fuck with a Spanish gay. Poor Juan gets dumped for simply touching another man. It could have been his brother!
8. Bright orange wallpaper is socially acceptable among Spanish bears.
9. The scene at 3:25 minutes needs to be re-made as a porno.
10. Spanish referees will give a yellow card for anything.

"I Don't Care" is about to be released in Spain. The song will appear on Barb@zul's forthcoming album. Check their Myspace for more details.


Paul said...

This may be the singularly most amazing thing i've seen all morning, nay week. Damn me watching at work for I am now stuck at my desk, for my tenting trousers would give away my titillation!!

Hidroboy said...

Let's check your list:
1.- I have great ball skills, but not with soccer balls...

2.- I think I've seen the guy who plays Juan a couple of times in the scene, I will give him your e-mail. But first I will fuck him, just to check everything's ok.

3.- You're totally right, unfortunately.

4.- FALSE (jajajajaja)

5.- Yes, it is. And putting some alcohol in it isn't as expensive as you may think.

6.- I don't see football, nor the practices, so I don't know if that's real.

7.- We're very passionate, we give everything and we take it all.

8.- My dorm-room is painted in those exact colors: orange and white. So yes, it's more than acceptable, it's fashionable.

9.- Totally true.

10.- In fact they'll give you a lot of yellow cards and you'll never get a red one.

Now, my impressions are:
Except for the soccer field, I've been in every place you see in this videoclip. Museum, Metro and Punto; so it felt very familiar to me.

I hate them for their Pride Anthem last year and their OBVIOUS rip-off of The Killer's "Human", because I know people that does better music. At least it was far better than the total crap "The Chanclettes" have done for this year's pride. So, like Kylie said, better the devil you know.

And sorry, but I hate this song. I don't like the singer's voice and the way he starts to "groar" when he repeats "the promises" at the end of the song, and his voice tone and his english accent... I can't. And he could take of the fucking glasses, it's like seeing Serafin Zubiri singing.

The best, indeed, Juan's shirtless scenes.

I will rip off your post and my answer for my blog, everybody in Barcelona should know your 10 lessons about gay culture in this city.

Did you see Sergio Cuho's clip I posted last week? The song's produced by my friend Danny Oton, the one that made the Erica Magdaleno cd. And it sounds like Cascada living in the Gayxample.

Me said...

Juan is nice.

John said...

The video: A (would have gotten A+ if it hadn't gotten so melodramatic at the end)
The song: C

If Juan ends up being your husband, I will crash that wedding no matter where it occurs.

Jump! said...

Not a fan of the song but the thanks to the video I was able to make it through the entire thing. Like 8 times.

I really don't have much insight to ad to your list make. Unfortunately my knowledge of Spain's gay culture is having sex with a guy from Cuenca (wherever that is in Spain) but I did want to add that apparently IKEA is fashionable with Spanish gays. The orange striped/ criss-cross pillow at 3:15 is an IKEA pillow as I own it as well.

No comments on the football since I'm an American and don't get it anyway. i do wonder why at the end poor Juan's football jersey is so cruelly tossed to the ground. Everyone knows the amazingness of make-up sex!

Mike said...

Jordi - I'd be honoured for my post to feature on your amazing site! I love your commentary but I do like the song and his accent just makes it sound more charming. And I just checked out Sergio. He's amazing!

Jump - I think all gays are obsessed with IKEA. Cheap Swedish shit transcends all borders!

The rest of you - hands off Juan. HE'S MINE!

Craig said...

Who cares about the music? Im just watching the video on repeat...

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