Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Matisse Does It Better Than Most

Pop fans might recognise Matisse as one half of flop girlband Brit & Alex. They had a minor hit with "Let It Go" a couple of years ago but they were better known for just being really hot twins. Since then Brit has dumped her sister (cold!), changed her name and recorded one of the best pop anthems of 2010. Catchy doesn't even come close to describing "Better Than Her". I've been walking around humming the song for days and still can't get the damn thing out of my head. This shit is more addictive than chocolate coated heroin! As much as I'm obsessed with Matisse, it's actually quite difficult to explain her debut single's immense appeal. The production isn't particularly original and the song is irritatingly repetitive. However, on closer inspection, you're rewarded with an unexpectedly gorgeous melody that harks back to 80s power pop and a genuinely epic chorus. Think Madonna circa 1985 produced by a cheap RedOne imitator and you're halfway to understanding the track's brilliance! A lot of credit has to go to Matisse. The girl has attitude to burn and a surprisingly distinctive voice that holds up well against the heavy production. Fans of Livvi Franc's "Automatik" and Tania Foster's "Supawoman" will adore this. A big thanks to The Prophet for bringing Matisse to the masses.


undisco_me said...


I love this bitchy schemer - there's not much flair to her lyrics but tell that to her sister!

I love the pogo-stick bass. She's a total mimic but this is amazing, for the short term anyway... I want a response single from the twin.

Matt said...



Mike said...

Yeah, Alex definitely needs to release her own single called "Even Better Than Her"!

I just love this sound. The world is crying out for a Matisse/Livvi Franc duet!

Anonymous said...


The Prophet said...

Haha actually for your info Matisse's sister is the one who ditched HER and quit music to return to school, obviously put off by the twins lack of success.

I bet she's kicking herself now and greeeeen with envy!

Calen said...

This is my favorite song of 2010 thus far! Amazing. Love Love Love!

Mike said...

It's fabulous, isn't it?

By the way, people tell me that you can't access the youtube link from some countries.

This one appears to be more international:


Ignore the trashy video - LOL!

Craig said...

ok, I need this on my ipod right now!

Anonymous said...

check out remix with AKON

Mike said...

Thanks for the heads up!