Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holestar - London's NyLon Woman

Holestar is the hottest tranny mess in England, which is quite impressive given that she's a biological woman! It's been done before - see Spain's legendary La Terremoto de Alcorcón - but what makes this chick without a dick unique is the fact that she's more than an admittedly fabulous one trick pony. The gender-bending diva made a name for herself on London's underground cabaret scene (memorably getting her tits out in this George Michael video) before deciding to revolutionise pop music as we know it. Instead of going down the high camp route like every other bitch with a feather boa, Holestar's debut has a welcome edge to it. "NyLon Woman" is a spiky electro anthem that positively crackles with wit and attitude. I love the fierce lyrics (my favourite line - "It was me who put the ho in Soho!") and the 2010 via 1985 approach to production. A video is on the way, so you'll have to make do with the audio for now. Learn more about the UK's latest faux tranny pop sensation here and listen to her stunning debut below!

Holestar - NyLon Woman


Adem With An E said...

LOVING THIS. Great minds think alike too, am drafting a post on the lovely Holestar now actually! x

Paul said...

hurrah for holestar love. I am very excited by this.

bomitoni said...

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!! BTW I adore la Terremoto :P