Monday, March 08, 2010

Choice - Remembering Rap's Baddest Bitch

Despite only having two flop albums to her credit, Choice changed the face of music forever. Her foul mouthed fabulousness broke barriers for female artists by tackling subjects that were previously considered taboo - like big dicks, dildos and hungry pussies. This pioneer should be the toast of the hip hop world. Without her there would be no Lil' Kim, Khia or Nicky Minaj. It's something of a tragedy then that Choice's stunning legacy is all but forgotten outside of the gay community. A talent of this calibre should be living the high life instead of working at McDonalds or turning tricks (my money's on the latter). With any luck this post will win Choice a couple of new fans. I live in hope that she will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes and reclaim her crown as rap's baddest bitch.

Born Kim Davis, the soon to be legendary diva changed her name to Choice and quickly made waves on Houston's hip hop scene. Her big break came in 1989 when she featured on Willie D's charmingly titled "I Need Some Pussy". Choice was quickly snapped up by Rap-A-Lot records and her debut album was released in 1990. I usually find rap about as appealing as death metal but "The Big Payback" remains one of my favourite albums of all time. When not dissing her male contemporaries (Ice Cube and NWA both get a serve), Choice raps about her sexcapades in graphic detail. The shrinking violet explores cunnilingus on "Cat Got Your Tongue":

Just like a dope fiend getting a hit
You happy as fuck when you're licking my clit

Before moving on to dick size on "Mr Big Stuff":

Leaving my cunt unsatisfied,
Whoever told you you had a big dick lied!

My favourite track is "Pipe Dreams" (listen to it in all its filthy glory below), which finds Choice ruminating on her favourite sexual experiences. I could quote the entire song but this is one of the more demure examples:

I couldn't take it without lubrication
It had to be the biggest damn dick in the nation

They say lightning doesn't strike twice but "Stick-N-Move" (released in 1992) is only slightly less amazing than "The Big Payback". Choice still had her mind in the gutter but this time around at she at least discovered safe sex. "HIV Positive" has to be one of the most politically incorrect songs of all time ("HIV positive, you know the AIDS?") but I'm ashamed to admit how many times I've played it over the years. Other highlights from the diva's brilliant sophomore album are "Choice Is Choosie", "Tales From The Sexside" (which includes the immortal line "stuck my dildo in his ass until his asshole bled") and "Humpin'". The album was actually quite successful by Choice's standards - it reached #83 on the R&B Chart! - but sadly it proved to be her last hurrah and she has literally never been heard from again. Wherever Choice is, I hope she's still having pipe dreams and knows how sorely she's missed by her small army of gay fans.


Choice is now on Facebook. She only has 7 fans - so add her!


John said...

Keepin' it classy, as usual. I remember stocking the album in the record store I worked in at the time, and then pulling all of it a few months later when it was sent back. Shame, I know...

tommie said...

God, I love Choice's two albums! They've brought so much joy and wisdom to my life! My personal anthem is One Just Ain't Enough though.

Craig said...

Choice is GOD!

The Prophet said...

Amazing! I need these albums!

But how dare you mention Nicki Minaj and forget the one and only FOXY BROWN!

"When my fuck can't even stand up and when he get stiff cum like ten dicks take it through my hole right through my appendix!"

Jamie_movietrip said...

Choice is my kinda girrrl. I am so taking Stick n Moove out with me tomorrow, easily one of my favourite CD's! Great post Mike!

Sexbox said...

Stick-N-Moove was the first album I ever listened to with dirty lyrics. I remember hiding it underneath my bed so my mother wouldn't find it. "Pipe Dreams" was also one of my favorite tunes to masturbate too. Back in the early 90's we kids didn't have internet porn so we improvised. Choice truly worked miralces.

Mike said...

Beating off to Choice is almost too fabulous for words!

I wonder if she's even aware that she has a loyal gay following....

bomitoni said...

Choice is the finest woman living in Texas! All hail queen Choice! The nastiest female MC ever!!! And please become a fan on facebook. I started her fan page because I felt Choice deserved it!

Mike, btw one year for ChicagoSexBox's bday I even made him a Choice doll! True story!

"Tales From The Sexside" is still my all-time fave!

"Then I sat on his face, I looked up, asked could he breathe, he said 'no' but it's tasteful!" PURE CLASS!!!!!