Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sony Drops Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson's next gig?

In the year's most unsurprising development, Amy Pearson has been kicked to the curb by Sony Australia. Rumours have been circulating for a while now but sources close to the singer have confirmed that she has officially "parted ways" with her record company. I'm gutted. Amy's first album was a Delta-lite abomination but I loved her new direction. I know I ridiculed her desperate transformation from girl next door to sleazy dance diva in a post last October but I also hailed "Butterfingers" as the "best song about arse play since Pull Up To The Bumper" and included it in my best of 2009 countdown. Unfortunately, the rest of Australia wasn't as willing to overlook Amy's tragic makeover or her frigid librarian on GHB dance moves. "Butterfingers" ultimately failed to dent the top 100 despite its A List producer and top notch remixes - leaving everyone with egg on their face.

It's a shame because I think Amy was just starting to grow into her new sound. The rest of "Aftershock" (her scrapped album) is much less confronting than "Butterfingers" and contains some killer tunes - especially the title track and "Ten Steps". Either would have made a more appropriate lead single, showcasing the diva's new style but not completely alienating her old fans. Happily, it's not all doom and gloom for Amy. There are rumours that she might release the album "via other means" and I know she recently collaborated with one of Australia's hottest dance outfits on a track to be released later in the year. Until then, I'd like to pay tribute to singer's stint at Sony and wish her all the best for the future. "Butterfingers" might have sank like the Titanic but it made me a fan!

2007 - Don't Miss You (#19)
2007 - Not Me (#37)
2008 - Ready To Fly (#40)
2009 - Butterfingers (Did Not Chart)

Oh and here's Amy working her fabulous butterfingers in a rare live TV performance of her notorious flop. I actually think this is great. She seems much more at ease with the dance steps and her voice sounds amazing.


Cyber said...

Not surprised at all. Bitch was shrill as hell. I guess it's back home to England for Amy?

The Prophet said...



Amy was always messy but the Not Me remix kept me interested, then she sealed the deal with Butterfingers!

Hey Mike, I blew her stylist once (many times). It's the closest I'll ever get to a star!

tommie said...

To be fair, an album called "Aftershock" would be kind of tacky to release now.

Anonymous said...

Sony can't break unknown acts for shit. Amy deserves to be massive, lets hope she signs with another label that knows what they are doing!

The Silent Majority said...

Jay Dee Springbett (the man resonsible for her @ Sony) is like King Midas in reverse & has the ability to turn gold into shit.
An excellent demonstration of how lacking in imagination & creativity, the record companies actually are. I doubt that they couldn't even break wind.

Claire-Louise said...

hope she gets another deal!!! love her :)