Monday, February 01, 2010

Queen B...

Was robbed of Album Of The Year at today's Grammy Awards by ratfaced Taylor Swift but she still managed to score a record haul for a female artist. All 6 were well deserved but I'm particularly happy about "Halo" getting some love. I have a feeling that song is going to stand the test of time even better than "Single Ladies". Anyway, it's a fitting end to the already iconic "Sasha Fierce" era... although does anyone else think Sony might return to the well one last time and release a "Grammys Edition" of the album - complete with a bonus disc featuring Solange breaking wind to the beat of Kelly Rowland scrubbing floors at the House Of Dereon?

Song Of The Year - Single Ladies

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance - Halo

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance - Single Ladies

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance - At Last

Best R&B Song - Single Ladies

Best Contemporary R&B Album - I Am... Sasha Fierce

Oh and here's Beyoncé's new perfume ad to celebrate her Grammy success. I'm going to bathe in gallons of this piss while listening to "The Writing's On The Wall" on repeat! Don't judge me.


tommie said...

Vomit! Solange was robbed yet again.

And as if anyone will by Beyoncé's piss-in-a-bottle. I can't wait for Solo's best-selling perfume!

Craig said...

The perfume ad is more expensive than any of the SF videos!

Mike said...

Somehow I doubt Failure by Solange will be the next White Diamonds...

John said...

Solange should make "ChampagneChroniknightCap" into a cologne.