Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One Inna Million

Brace yourself. Romania's leading dance diva is one hit away from kicking Cascada's Natalie Horler to the curb as the Queen of AATW. Sultry Inna is already a superstar in her homeland and has been on something of a roll in the rest of Europe, topping the charts in 9 countries with "Hot" - her appropriately titled debut single. She now has her sights set on the UK and only time will tell if her success continues or she joins September on the stinking scrapheap of pop. At first, I didn't understand the fuss but by the second listen you'll be humming along to this trash if you want to or not. "Hot" is just one of those incredibly annoying catchy dance anthems that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave. Produced by Play & Win, the outfit behind Akcent (you might remember their fabulously dirty ode to Kylie) and Alessia, the song is a refreshing jolt of high energy Eurotrash. I just wish AATW went with the original version or the freshly commissioned Cahill remix. The UK radio edit (below) leaves a lot to be desired and the missing minute has rendered the video clip almost unwatchable. Instead of the stripper with a heart of gold subplot, we're left with Inna perving on some bitch in a club. Classy. Anyway, I hope it takes off because I like the diva's follow up singles and think it's about time we had an Eastern European pop star. And no, Ruslana doesn't count.


Poster Girl said...

It seems like it's been around for ages, but I do love this song. Romania has a pretty strong dance music scene that I always feel I should spend more time with--listening to the radio is always pleasant, even if there aren't loads of standout songs.

undisco_me said...

Karren Parry will be furious when she sees another hard boiled trance goddess young enough to be her grandchild on the scene. It's too whiny - were Karren and Kelly tan-raping her when she recorded this?

I do love these AATW 'scrapheap' skanks.

Mike said...

PG, I think Romania has a really interesting pop scene, dance music is huge and there's a big emphasis on trashy divas who wear very little clothing in their videos. I just wish it was more accessible.

And LOL at Karen Parry. That's a blast from the past. Is she even still alive?

D'luv said...

I fucked her.