Monday, February 15, 2010

Marina & The Diamonds - Remixed

I'm the first to admit that I'm very wary of "hip" new pop acts. As a general rule, they're overhyped (La Roux) or just plain shit (Little Boots) but occasionally someone actually has the talent to match the praise that's been lavished upon them. Marina & The Diamonds definitely falls into the latter category. The Welsh diva's wit, insight and devastating honesty make for a heady mix - particularly when you throw in her quirky vocals and knack for writing a catchy chorus. You didn't need to be a NME journalist to know Marina was destined for big things and I'm genuinely proud to have interviewed the singer before her recent commercial breakthrough with "Hollywood". I'm so excited Marina now has a top 20 hit to her credit but I'm convinced she'd be celebrating a top 5 smash if the Ground Control remix was released as the official single edit. Her record company probably thought it was too fun and fluffy for a rising indie pop star but I think the song's electro-makeover is a work of poptastic genius. "I Am Not A Robot" will always be my favourite Marina track but this gayed up version of "Hollywood" is now a close second. Expect a review of her soon to be released debut album in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy one of 2010's best remixes (below).


tommie said...

The album is pretty great, even if at times she is a bit of a Kate Bush sound-a-like, but I don't think being compared by the greatest female singer/songwriter of all time is bad though.

Really digging her album. I think I'll get it on release week for once so that she won't get dropped! LOL.

tommie said...

By the way - did you see that Queen Heidi has put out Sex Ed / Trash Me as a Valentine's single?

tidusin said...

I hope this fag mix doesn't have success, I don't want another Moloko / Cornershop thing, a one-hit(remix)- wonder. The album is too perfect and doesn't deserve this.

Mike said...

Tommie - Yes, Queen Heidi's stunning new anthems are high on my agenda of things to write about. And I love Marina's album too, particularly "Are You Satisfied?"

Tidusin - "Hollywood" has already been a #12 hit in the UK without this AMAZING fag mix! I actually prefer this version to the original, which is rare because most of Marina's remixes have been pretty shit.

Ken said...

Oh. I think I've heard this mix but not sure when. I love Marina and I think she should be big. It's time to see somebody who actually is right to be a pop star. She's not trying hard and she has a great personality. Excited for your review of 'The Family Jewels'! :D

Paul said...

Amazing :) I love it. The album is all sorts of brilliant.

D'luv said...

Doll, I completely forgot you interviewed this broad. Really love the remix, much better than the original vers.

LuverOfL♥v said...


Just wanted to tell you that Ami Suzuki is performing in Australia... ;-)

@Bedroom Night Club Gold Coast (14th March)

@Church Night Club Brisbane (18th March)

March 14 / Bedroom event page:

March 18 / Church event page:

I wish I lived in OZ, so I can the diva live... :-(

Mike said...

D'Luv - interviewing Marina is one of my classiest moments. She was lovely too.

LuverofLuv - I know! And Ami's stunning Kylie cover just leaked. I'm on Suzuki overload. Expect an update as soon as I digest dinner!

The Prophet said...

I hate this hollywood song whatever it is, I googled it a while back it's such trash.

I'll give her other singles a chance tho.