Friday, February 12, 2010

Livvi Franc's Automatik Classic

I could turn you loose, baby what's the use?
I come back to you like automatic

Last year I chatted with a little known singer called Livvi Franc about her debut single "Now I'm That Bitch". In the interview the upcoming diva boasted about working with super producer RedOne (Lady GaGa, Little Boots, Sugababes etc) on her next single and promised to show a different side of herself by delivering "a club banger". Well, lovely Livvi was true to her word. "Automatik" is a breathtaking dance anthem that should be the Barbadian beauty's calling card to mainstream chart success. I'm not RedOne's biggest fan - it seems like everyone but Lady GaGa gets served up the same old shit - but Livvi obviously caught the Swede on a very good day. The production is less intrusive than usual, showcasing the surprisingly vulnerable lyrics with pristine beats and pretty synths. I love upbeat pop songs with a slightly bittersweet twist (think Kylie's "Better The Devil You Know") and "Automatik" is a superb addition to the genre. I'm not sure about the video (below), which is trying to be Beyoncé on a Michelle Williams sized budget but who cares when the song is this good? Strike up Livvi's jam as one of the first killer pop tunes of 2010.


Anonymous said...

nice post, but just one correction Livvi is Barbadian not Bahamian :)

undisco_me said...

Oh I LOVE this! And I love the guy playing her pimp in the video.

All these RedOne songs though, I'd like them all to be for the one artist instead of just a bunch of flop singles (the Keisha About A Girl is incredible, and this bitch should politely cover it and smear it with her love unique vocal love gloss).

Mike said...

LOL - how embarrassing! I could have sworn Livvi was from the Bahamas. Fixed!

And Gordon don't taint Liv with the flop brush just yet. I think "Automatik" is going to be a hit. Well, at least I hope so.

undisco_me said...

well at least you didn't call her a "barbarian" like Cheryl Cole would have!

John said...

I thought "Now I'm That Bitch/Chick" would do the trick in the US, but it just barely scraped the pop radio top 40. This one just sounds too Euro to my ear to succeed here, but Cascada's longevity on the pop chart may actually be a good thing for this track. I'm lovin' it, and looking forward to a full-length from her.