Saturday, February 06, 2010

Introducing Jamila B

My knowledge of Canadian pop is pretty sketchy, so I was intrigued when Jamila B's debut single landed in my inbox. I don't know what I was expecting from "Gamers Love" but it certainly wasn't a sizzling electro infused urban pop tune complete with a wicked sample from an obscure 80s Nintendo video game! It took a couple of listens to click but now I'm hooked. Jamila has a great set of pipes, the production cleverly updates 90s New Jack Swing and I love the gaming metaphors. Listing her influences as Mariah, Aaliyah and Robyn - the Hamilton, Ontario based diva is clearly a woman of exquisite taste and definitely a talent to watch in 2010. Make sure you check out her fabulous video (below), which plays like a cross between Janet's "Rhythm Nation" and Amy Pearson's "Butterfingers". Yes, it's that amazing! Best of all, Jamila has kindly given me permission to post an mp3 of her stunning anthem on the blog. Nothing beats guilt free downloading, so this is a special treat.



tommie said...

I recognize the sample! How annoying.

GREAT song. It's been playing non-stop on my iPod all day!

Paul said...

it's rather bonza actually. best jamila/jamelia song since Beware Of The Dog :P

Nasty G said...

Wow, how did you hear about this? I'm from Canada and I've never heard of the girl. Werk!!

D'luv said...

Fucked her.