Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elouise - The Stardust EP

In a market flooded with autotuned club anthems, rent-a-rappers and achingly hip indie pop queens, one English diva stands alone in a bubble of glitter and glamour. Her timeless torch songs and heartfelt ballads buck every perceivable trend in modern music by focusing on old school storytelling and sheer vocal talent. Two qualities that are captured perfectly on "The Stardust EP". As far as debuts go, this is very impressive. As it should be given Elouise's list of collaborators. Kylie's right hand man Steve Anderson produced the EP, while Dannii's former gay husband (before Nathan took over) contributed two tracks. That's not even mentioning the input of Rob from Don't Stop The Pop, who has been involved with Elouise from the very beginning and basically ensured that the whole project was fucking fabulous. Mission accomplished! "The Stardust EP" brilliantly pays tribute to the great torch singers of yesteryear without sounding tired or derivative. This woman really knows how to belt out a tune but her greatest skill lies in her unusual ability to interpret lyrics, bringing every nuance to life. Here are some random comments on Elouise's gorgeous calling card:

Another Day

Names like Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra are thrown around when describing Elouise's music but I think she sounds like a cross between Olivia Newton-John and Shirley Bassey. A heady mix of sweetness and frailty with a flair for the bold and dramatic. "Another Day" showcases the diva's full range. Written by Steve Anderson and Terry Ronald, the track is the best Bond anthem never attached to a 007 movie. Steve's production is absolutely epic with the kind of booming chorus that would make most of today's (non-)singers die of fright. Breathtaking.


The least hyped song on "Stardust" is probably my favourite. Terry Ronald obviously has most of
these albums in his collection because "Pretender" sounds like it was stolen straight from the Streisand songbook. I wonder if Tezza remembers our chats on the Dannii Board before I was banned for crimes against Nathan (ie. DDB)... but I digress. The piano intro is lovely and I completely identify with the desperate and slightly hysterical lyrics. I just wish Elouise would hold back a little in the chorus. She occasionally veers towards the West End when she goes full throttle and it dates the song unnecessarily. Anyway, it's a very minor criticism of a truly great tune.

Fireman Of My Dreams

This is the campest thing to be released by a (genetic) female in a long time. The double entendres about hoses and poles will ensure "Fireman Of My Dreams" instant cult status, while the genuinely catchy chorus and disarmingly sweet vocal delivery should win over more discerning music fans. Personally, the song reminds me of a naughty update of ONJ's "Hopelessly Devoted To You". In fact, it wouldn't sound out of place on the "Grease" soundtrack - which, in my opinion, is a huge compliment. Listen to Elouise's dirty ditty below.

"The Stardust EP" is available to buy at the Leicester Square Theatre in London from tomorrow with a proper digital and physical release (both domestic and international) to follow in March. The packaging is stunning, so don't be stingy! In the meantime, check out Elouise on Myspace and make sure to add her on Facebook.


undisco_me said...

I wanted to like this so much after all the write ups.

It's ripping off Kylie's Tears On My Pillow. Or else I'll seek Olivia NJ's 'but NOW there's NO place to HIDE since you started playing this SHITE'.

Paul said...

i love Fireman of my Dreams for the very reasons other people are a bit iffy about it. It embodies so many great songs from times gone by and she delivers it varying from a flirty aside to a massive emotional outpouring. I love her and hope she gets massive success!

Robpop said...


Amazing write-up! Thank you. Just back from Elouise performing these very songs and the reaction was absolutely fucking wild.

I am totally unbiased. is VERY Tears on My Pillow. But Fireman shouldnt ever been considered as a serious song. But rather a nice little ditty that breaks the drama of the big bolshy dramatic torch songs. It should also be seen as a tribute to tears on my pillow (and Kylie wasn't the first singer of this song by the by)-indeed a cover version of Tears on My Pillow was on Grease. Talking of..Fireman is also a tribute to Beauty School Drop Out from Grease. In fact PTA has nailed it on the head-this song is perhaps a megamix of all the campest songs from musicals ever written...ever...and the greatest thing is...Elouise actually goes out with a fireman. So in all the campness..there is actually a lot of truth in the message.

Craig said...

I love her voice but why is she singing all these nana songs? cant steve or tezza do her a solid and throw her a kylie/dannii b side?

Mike said...

I like that Elouise is doing her own thing. It's risky but there is still an audience for this kind of music - Barbra's latest album beating Mariah for the #1 spot in America is just one example. Anyway, it's not like Elouise is the new Vera Lynn. I know she throws in some uptempo numbers in live performances and I'm sure they will make it onto her album.

John said...

This is not something that i would listen to 24/7, but I do like it. I think "Fireman" is my least favorite of the three for the reasons you laid out, but I still respect it.