Monday, November 30, 2009

Sia - Live At The Enmore

Sia Furler is one of those singers I love but never write about for the simple fact that she's too high brow for this joint - or so I thought until she opened last night's show with Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu", before sticking random objects into her underpants. Needless to say, Sia is not your typical critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. She's more than a little eccentric, loves to chat with the audience and is very, very funny. It speaks volumes for her skill as a performer that she can move effortlessly from telling a joke about being ignored at the ARIAs to singing about love, heartbreak and everything inbetween with so much emotion and empathy. I would have liked to hear a few more songs from "Healing Is Difficult" and "Colour The Small One" but Sia was pretty hard to fault. The band was great, she sounded amazing and I got free beer from the lesbians standing next to me. Result.

Anyway, here are my top 10 reasons to see Sia live (in no paprticular order):

1. Her signature glow in the dark version of "Buttons".
2. "You Have Been Loved" sounds even more beautiful and heartbreaking live than on the album. Which I didn't think possible.
3. The distinctly electronic direction of her new material.
4. She still performs the odd Zero 7 classic.
5. Her description of "I Should Be So Lucky" as awesome when someone (sarcastically) requested it.
6. "Lentil", "Soon We'll Be Found" and "Day Too Soon".
7. The hilarious anecdotes about working on Christina Aguilera's new album. Especially the bit about being too fat to borrow Xtina's stripper bikini.
8. Her cute reminder to stick around for the encore.
9. "Breathe Me" still represents everything Adele, Sarah Blasko and Dido have spent their entire careers trying and failing to write.
10. That voice.

The 2009 Australian tour edition (complete with bonus DVD, behind the scenes footage and video clips) of "Some People Have Real Problems" is now in stores.


Parker said...

The CSS Remix of Buttons is beautiful beyond words.
I can't wait to hear her material for Xtina.

tommie said...

That live performance is amazing on so many levels. I still love the MS Paint version of of the some people have REAL problems.

John said...

Some talented artists will never come within a mile of a song as transcendent as "Breathe Me", but I don't think you can fault someone for trying. Sadly, I hope the stuff she does with Christina gets her more attention here so she can tour and I can see her live.

Anonymous said...

Sia is the one!...did you happen to catch her programming rage several months ago? She revealed that she was in love and obsessed with Kate Ceberano to a point that she would wait for her after concerts and Kate was always kind to her, then she requested the 'Bedroom Eyes' video...god bless'er!

Mike said...

LOL - I had no idea Sia was a Kate Ceberano fan! I wonder if she also gets down to "Young Boys Are My Weakness"...