Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ladyhawke Live 07/11/09

The last time I saw Ladyhawke she was playing at a pub in Chatswood. Admittedly, that was prior to the release of her album and she was still better known as the (ex-)frontwoman of Teenager. Pip has had a pretty wild ride since then. She's gone on to become the poster girl of the synth-rock/pop revival and finally achieved a much deserved commercial breakthrough with the top ten hit "My Delirium". I guess last night's sold out show at The Enmore was something of a homecoming and the concert definitely felt like a party. One of the coolest things about Pip's transformation into Ladyhawke is the fact that she's carried her rock sensibility into the pop world. There's not a lot of fuss - no staging, no costume changes or special effects. Just a woman with a guitar and bunch of really, really good songs. In fact, I think she performed the entire album. The highlights for me were "Crazy World" (why wasn't this dreamy gem ever released as a single?), the brilliant "Oh My" and the best song that Pat Benatar never recorded "Back Of The Van". The encore was the evening's only misstep. Ladyhawke payed homage to her NZ countrymen with a cover of Split Enz's "Message To My Girl" before launching into a strangely sedate version of Patti Smith's "Free Money". Winding up the concert with a ballad and a song that half the crowd had never heard before was slightly awkward. Not that anyone cared when Pip closed the show with "My Delirium". All in all, a pretty fucking awesome night!


Petro said...

I'm seeing her Thursday! :D

tommie said...

Pfft. Who cares about Ladyhawke? It's a TOYA day:

Her (and singing sensation Paula Abdul) in Brüno:

La Toya on the Ushi & Dushi show (most hilarious shit EVER):

Toya's gone wild!

Mike said...

I care about LH!

But I did see that Ushi & Dushi interview and almost died. Toy Toy is officially on a publicity whoring RAMPAGE!

Poster Girl said...

"Dreamy" is just the right word for "Crazy World." I know you mentioned her keeping her rock sensibility; how much of the dreamy synth quality of a lot of her songs translates to a live show? I'd love to see her perform, but my only concern is how the production would transfer to that live setting.

Mike said...

It actually translates pretty well. The songs just have a slightly rockier feel. I think "Crazy World" is the perfect Christmas single. What is she up to now, single number 7 or 8 from the album? Surely one more can't hurt!

Petro said...

I to loooove "Crazy World", it makes me all emotional for some reason. At Melbourne last night, she sang the whole album (minus "Morning Dreams"), the b-sides "Oh My" and "Danny and Jenny" and the two covers mentioned. I love the way she said "thank you" after every song, she's so cute!