Thursday, October 01, 2009

La Roux Live - 29/09/09

I've been rather unkind about La Roux in the past, calling them La Poo and describing Elly & co as a Eurythmics tribute band. Despite all that, I actually quite like their music. I just don't think recycling 80s beats and hairstyles makes them the musical revolutionaries they are often held out to be. That's not to say they don't know their way around a four minute pop song. "Bulletproof" is utterly irresistible and their ode to La Toya ("I'm Not Your Toy") is a total grower. Anyway, I jumped at the chance when I was invited to their one and only non-festival show in Sydney. I feared the concert might be painfully pretentious and a little too cool for school but it was surprisingly fun and low key. In fact, there was something distinctly old fashioned (and dare I say it - 80s) about the minimal staging and ultra brief setlist.

As far as I'm concerned, Elly Jackson IS La Roux. It's hard to take your eyes off her when she takes the stage. There's just something wonderfully alien about her appearance. I imagine if Tilda Swinton were transported back to the 80s, she'd look a little like Elly. As effortlessly charismatic as she is, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with her live vocals. Elly's voice is even more thin and brittle than it sounds on record and it was often hard to hear her over the band. However, when things clicked - the show was first rate. I loved hearing "Fascination" live (this is surely the album's 5th single?), "Quicksand" was a definite highlight, "In For The Kill" had the crowd in a frenzy and "I'm Not Your Toy" gets more delightful every time I hear it. They closed their incredibly brief set (they only performed 8 songs) with "Bulletproof" and it almost brought the house down. I'm still not convinced La Roux are the second coming but after Tuesday night I have a lot more time for them and their particular brand of 80s inspired pop.


D'luv said...

Oh, doesn't look like they had the hottie keyboard player at your show like they did here in April! He's also in the "I'm Not Your Toy" vid looking very gay.

Glad you got to see them! Elly's a great pop star in every sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the hot keyboard player was there - I tried to stop looking at him during the show last night in Melbourne! It was great, Elly seems cool. She's young so still finding her feet as a performer. I hope these guys stick around.

- Petro

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Long time reader of your blog here and just wanted to say I was at this gig as well and it was so much better than I thought it would be, but two questions a pop trash expert like yourself might be able to answer.

1. What was the random song she sung third or fourth that no-one knew and had most people chatting for the whole performance?

2. What went wrong during Bulletproof that made her restart it?

Thanks a lot

Michael said...

hello rupert grint in drag.

Paul said...

oh Michael's comment made me laugh so much. Glad you enjoyed though - i am often converted to bands i'm a bit "meh" about after seeing them live.

Mike said...

LOL @ Michael!

Hey Anon - to answer your questions:

1. The song was "Saviour". It's a UK iTunes bonus track so most people didn't know it. Listen to it here:

2. I don't think anything was wrong! I think it was just a clever way of extending the last song because they were too lazy to do an encore!


NY Poo said...

I cannot believe stunning Trudie Goodwin (who played the iconic Sgt June Ackland in The Bill) produced such a VILE pretentious creature as La Pukes...

It looks like a drunken tranny trying to do CaCa crossed with Bowie and being nowhere near as talented, entertaining, interesting or attractive as yet even more up its own arse than the former - and that takes some doing.

tommie said...

I just can't warm to her. She's so... blah. No matter how controversial she is, she can't hade her blahness from me.