Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dannii - The 95 Sessions

You know it's November when Dannii releases her annual batch of X Factor cash-in albums. This time around the Queen of Clubs is unveiling deluxe editions of her stunning debut "Love & Kisses" as well as her 1993 #52 UK smash hit "Get Into You". However, the real gem is "The 95 Sessions" - possibly Dannii's most exciting fan release ever! I don't usually have a lot of nice things to say about Nafensays but I think he's done a great job on this. I just hope it doesn't sell out on iTunes like "The Early Years" because Dannii's lost 1995 album is the holy grail of pop music as far as I'm concerned!

After the phenomenal worldwide success of "Get Into You", the prettier Minogue swiftly started work on her third album for MCA Records. Dannii mentioned in interviews that she was experimenting with club beats after revolutionising urban music on her previous two masterpieces and rumours began circulating that she was working with hot 90s dance producers Love To Infinity, Soul II Soul and Motiv 8. Promotion for the album was underway by mid-1995 and the Empress of X Factor even performed the original version of "Everlasting Night" and another new song called "Free Your Love" at various gay pride events. Both of those songs appear on "The 95 Sessions" - along with "Don't Want To Leave You Now", which Dannii performed on her sold out (according to Droid statisticians) 1998 tour. I LOVE the original and vastly superior version of "Everlasting Night", so if the rest of the album even comes close to matching those heights I will be in 7th heaven! The official tracklist is below:

Free Your Love
Skin Deep
Love And Affection
I Got This Feeling
Let Love Into Your Life
Everlasting Night
Crazy For Your Love
Love In Me
Love Will Find A Way
Don't Wanna Leave You Now
Free Your Love (Remix)

This the first Dannii fan release that doesn't feel like a cheap X Factor cash-in and Nathan deserves a lot of credit for putting it together. I think I'm going to get a spray tan (setting - Kelly Llorenna orange) and wear a plunging V neck t-shit in his honour! "The 95 Sessions" is available to pre-order now from Play. I already know what I want for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see a new blog about Fannii on here! I'm really pumped for the 95 sessions and will get the first 2 album re-issues as well! $ucce$$!

chris x

bomitoni said...

Dannii does it better! I can't wait!!!

D'luv said...

No "Boogie Woogie"? FUck that.

Miss Halliwell said...

OH JESUS TONIGHT! This is the best news i have heard since Fannii actually moved her forehead last week!

After the Girl re-issue and it's Keep Up With The Good Times gem, i am moist at the prospect of this album!

Honest Shelia, i am trickling like a pensioner on a Bingo Bus!

I can not wait!

$uck My Gash Cheryl Cole-Miner!

BruDé said...

It's time to have sex with the Nafansays everyone ! He just won his place in heaven by making avalaible 80% of his iPod ! He deserves something in return :)

Another #1 club hit !

tommie said...

Poor Cheryl - she's being one-upped by 15 year old Dannii tracks! I look forward to your honest review.

Fernando said...

AWN! That's so sweet of you. Much love from Brazil xx

undisco_me said...

The undisclosed 2nd disco sounds very promising also - maybe Boogie Woogie and it's Wigfield remix will be on that.

I'm looking forward to this more than an actual new album. I have Gina G Fresh! levels of expectations and then some.

Sadly I think Soul 2 Soul were ruled out by Nafansaz - I shall send him some complexion enhancer as a thank you.

Jump! said...

This album gets me wet- nuff said.

Jamie_movietrip said...

Oh. My. God! Dannii sure knows how to treat her gays at Christmas time! I don't know how I'm going to cope with the excitment of the 1995 Sessions, nor the stunning two disc L&K and Girl for that matter! Everlasting Night is one fo my favourites too. I cannot wait!

Homegurl Sheila said...

I begin to wonder how many more x factor cash ins there will be?

Sophie Amogbokpa said...

Dannii is my favorite white woman after Beyonce, I cannot wait to scrub my toilets and orifices to Dannii's groundbreaking dance beats!

Anonymous said...

Get yer facts right, ya git!

Dannii had already left MCA before then. Get Into You (the single) was released on Mushroom UK. The third album was recorded for Mushroom.

Moogaboo said...

I'm going to recreate my own 1995 the day this arrives by getting wasted on long island iced teas and marlboro lights, making out with idiots all night long. Talk about an "Everlasting Night"!

Sexbox said...

I wanted to blog about this release alson but I simply could not have worded it better than you. I gave you a shout out on my blog instead! I'm so excited! It's a Holidannii this year!