Saturday, September 05, 2009

Willa Ford's Coming Out Anthem

Does anyone else remember the amazing pop star/award winning actress that is Willa Ford? In 2001 at the height of Britney mania every bitch with a record deal was scrambling for a piece of the teen pop pie. Most of the clones were as shit as Britney but two stood out from the crowd - Christina Aguilera and Willa Ford. The former because she could actually sing and the latter because, well, she was just plain fierce. While Britney harped on about her non-existent virginity, Willa took the music world by storm with her US hit "I Wanna Be Bad" (also a #52 smash in Australia). That song set Willa up as the edgy teen queen and I was convinced that pop superstardom would follow. It didn't. Her fabulous debut "Willa Was Here" failed to produce any further hits and her sophomore album was scrapped despite containing perhaps the defining song of the decade - the iconic "A Toast To Men (Fuck The Men)". After that, Willa turned to acting and has notched up starring roles in classy fare like "Anna Nicole Smith - The Movie" and the recent re-make of "Friday The 13th".

Until recently, I thought Willa had completely turned her back on music. Then I discovered Willa Mania (think Dannii's Dirty Box only better) and was fascinated to read about "Who I Am" - a track that Willa wrote with Toby Gad. It seems that Toby pulled an "If I Were A Boy" on poor Willa and gave her track to aging German dance Queen Sandra Cretu. When Sandra's version surfaced, Willa decided to leak hers in order to prove it was better! I actually like Sandra but her interpretation is god awful and sounds completely embarrassing in comparison to Willa's original. The tragedy is that "Who I Am" is one of the best tracks I've heard all year - not to mention one of the best coming out anthems of all time. Check out these lyrics:

I'm sorry to disappoint you
Do you still love me?
And I am still your baby
Don't disown me
A woman's supposed to love a man
And I've tried the best I can
But this is not who I am

How fucking amazing is that? Willa should forget about Sandra jackin' her swagga and release this herself. Every gay club from Sydney to San Francisco would spin this anthem on high rotation and I'm sure the lyrics would touch a lot of people. Seeing as Willa's version isn't on youtube, I took it upon myself to make a clip (below). Please be kind because this is my first attempt at making a video and the result leaves a lot to be desired. However, I am proud of the special effects starting at 1:50 mins! Enjoy.


tommie said...

Ha ha, I love Willa Ford. Your video is stunning! The special effects make Thriller look like shit.

The Prophet said...


I love this song, it's STILL on my mp3 player.

Is this song really about coming out though? I don't understand it!

Plus I'm so annoyed because my Youtube account was deleted, and I was the only user to have this on the site and I posted it as her NEW SINGLE and it had so many views and comments of Sandra VS Willa fans arguing over who's was better!

By the way did you know Toby Gad did this? He's the guy who did Big Girls Don't Cry and BeYawnce's If I Was a human.

Paul said...

i have a pic of me in the exact same pose as Willa at the top of your post on my resume :)

Magical Froggy said...

I am only aware of Willa through the track Vicky B stole from her: Not Such An Innocent Girl. Never heard anything else from her until now! :D

John said...

I am immediately against this song, as the voices whisper in my ear while she sings. Obviously a demonically-spawned song.

Yuяi said...


Jafet M. Denegri said...

she is so classy i always love her

Natty said...

YAY! so my tutorial on making your own vids worked! I'm so proud of you.

Mike said...

Sorry Jacques! Thanks for the introduction. Your blog is the underground home of trash even if you don't want to admit it.

And yes, it's definitely about coming out. Willa has said so to the media.

And Natty - I couldn't have made this masterpiece without you! Thanks!

Poster Girl said...

Love it. I mean, it would obviously do nothing on the American charts, but it's such an interesting sound. Willa should release an entire album like this!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget "Can't Stop Me", Willa's version of Dulta Goodrem's flop debut "I Don't Care".

will said...

OMG. WILLA FORD!! I do not believe I just read your posting!!

Nasty G said...

I adore Sandra but agree, her version (and her whole last album) is pretty embarrassing. It's like she's forgotten how to speak English. I like Willa's version, but A Toast To Men will always remain my fave Willa track. We had it on repeat years ago, and the video is perfection, especially the end where her and Lady May are shocked by the falling mannequin. Somehow I could never get my gaytourage into it, though. :( And I think I have a couple versions of the track at home if you still want and need them. ;)