Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fey & The Year's Trashiest Video!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the shy and retiring Mexican flower known as Lorena Herrera and declared her my new trash Goddess. Well, lovely Lorena has some serious competition from her slightly (OK, vastly) more successful countrywoman Fey. I'm still a novice when it comes to the Mexican music scene but I'm convinced that country is a veritable breeding ground for trashy pop. It seems like any old stripper with a reed thin voice and a tacky dance beat can get a record deal over there! Although I really shouldn't tar this stunning diva with the same brush as Lorena. After all, Fey was one of Latin America's biggest stars in the 90s before coming in and out of retirement more times than John Farnham.

For her latest comeback, the Mexican temptress has channelled Shakira by recording her album in both Spanish and English. I haven't actually heard the Spanish version yet but "Sweet Temptation" is one of 2009's guiltiest pleasures. It shamelessly steals from every dance album released since 1997 and boasts some of the cheapest production this side of "The Hits & Beyond". Needless to say, I fucking love each and every second of it! Expect a review in the near future but in the meantime I want to concentrate on the lead single or more specifically, its video (above). "Let Me Show You" is fairly typical of Fey's cheap and cheerful brand of pop but the film clip stands out as one of the funniest things I've seen all year. Basically Fey rides a subway train through outer space wearing a selection of hideous outfits that even Lady GaGa would draw the line at while flirting with a robot and playing on her iPhone! Think "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" on bad acid and you'll be semi-prepared for Fey's cinematic masterpiece. Forget about all those boring Scandinavian pretenders - Mexicans do it better. Fact!


undisco_me said...

Her headphones (2:24) remind me of Lisa Scott-Lee's unforgettable Electric single front cover.

2:50 turns into I Begin To Wonder.

Not since Ultra Nate had 2 gays wank over her has a dance singer looked so classy.

The track keeps on going and going.

Poster Girl said...

I LOVE Fey. I still haven't bought this latest album yet--the clips I heard a while back had me kind of skeptical, like maybe it was a less good attempt at recreating the amazingness that was Vertigo, but listening to this song again does make me think maybe I underrated it.

Vertigo is one of the most overlooked Mexican (maybe just American, if you include North and South) albums of the '00s--'90s pop tart suddenly grows up and makes one of the best electronica-influenced pop albums I know...just so cool, so dark and edged-out at times and so dance-bliss at others, but still of course it totally flops. One of the Minogues should seriously considering covering the lead single; I could totally imagine it on Neon Nights.

She's got some good stuff beyond that, but man, it's a killer album in my eyes.


Craig said...

LOL at the mexican special effects!! I want this song.

Mike said...

Sounds like I definitely have to give "Vertigo" a listen then! The new album is a lot of fun but it sounds like her older stuff had a bit more of an edge.

Jafet M. Denegri said...

I'm mexican and proud, jajaja fey i'ts the shit here en mexico, this song is her big come back, that vertigo album i't her best, i love the songs "se lo que vendra" and "dreesing to kill" and i love this new song lentamente!!!!

bomitoni said...

Mike, I always LOATHED Fey during her glory days...she was plaid wearing euro dance thorn in my side. But when she released VERTIGO (as many others have already mentioned), she won me over. It was an amazing electronic album. Sure it was a fluke, cause she hasn't done anything as good since but DULCE TENTACIÓN is about as good as we're going to get :)