Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Questions With Livvi Franc - Yes, That Bitch!

Livvi Franc has been making major waves on the international pop scene for the past few months with her fabulous fuck you anthem "Now I'm That Bitch". The song reached #1 on the US club chart and has recently been overhauled to include a cameo by rap superstar Pitbull. However, don't dismiss the Bahamian beauty as another run of the mill urban diva. Livvi has a passion for pop and promises a debut album full of club bangers and party anthems. I love "Now I'm That Bitch" but I'm positively salivating to hear what she comes up with next given the line up of producers she's been working with - including RedOne (Lady GaGa), Greg Kurstin (Kylie), Eg White (Adele) and JR Rotem (Rihanna). Lovely Livvi recently took some time out from her campaign for global domination to answer a few of my questions. Here's what she had to say:

"Now I'm That Bitch" is the ultimate revenge anthem. Have you ever been dissed by a man who lived to regret it?
I have soooo been dissed by a guy. I wrote the song myself so it's a personal story and it's about when I was younger. I had a crush on a guy and I was a bit quieter then, didn't have quite as much self esteem and the guy passed me by and went onto the next girl. Now I am hot and sexy and the same guy is ringing my phone and I just say to him 'you were too fly then, so fly away now!'

How did Pitbull get involved in the track?
We first recorded the song in December and when it came close to the radio release we thought it would be fun to have someone featuring on the track because I'm solo the rest of the album. Pitbull right now is so hot in the States and doing well in the UK too so we thought it would be a good look. He's also got some roots in the Caribbean like me and is Cuban American which is a cool look. I'm really happy it worked out because I think his voice really complemented the song and he's such a down to earth guy that it was cool to hang out with him.

You have worked with some amazing producers. How did the collaborations with RedOne and Greg Kurstin come about?
The way it works is my A&R at my label understands the direction I want to take as an artist so he organises a few producers that he thinks it would be good for me to work with. I went to LA to work with Greg and it was really wonderful. We did two songs for the album and his retro vibe really brought the 60s styles I love out. Then I went to work with RedOne which was an awesome experience. I love to party, so he definitely brought that side out for me. The dance, club sound. I'm really happy to have done some dance tracks.

So should we expect more of a hip hop or pop vibe on the album?
The album is definitely more pop orientated. I think it's pop fusion because it's not straightforward. It's pop with a story behind it - my personal experiences are there. The reason I say fusion is because there's a hint of reggae from my Barbardos life and also a retro vibe from my time in the UK and that commercial club vibe from the US.

The "Now I'm That Bitch" remixes have been huge in clubland. Is dance music on your agenda?
I love all sorts of music so I'm really open to doing anything that complements my sound. I loved hearing the dance remixes of this single so I'm looking forward to doing some more club songs. I love it when you're out and you hear a really feel good song that makes you want to get up and have a dance so I'll be doing more of that for sure.

What can we expect from your next single?
My next single 'Automatic' was produced by RedOne and is going to be a 'club banger'!

How do you feel about all the comparisons with Rihanna?
The comparisons are obviously expected because we're both doing pop music and are from Barbados. I think it's okay because when you're a new artist you'll always be compared. Once they hear my music then they'll realise my own qualities and we'll see there's quite a few differences.


Ken said...

Just heard "Automatic" a few hours ago and it's a real stomper! She has seriously some HOT music.

tommie said...

I was hoping Automatic would be a Pointer Sisters cover :-(

Mike said...

I haven't heard "Automatic" yet but I'm dying too. Hope it's as good as "Now I'm That Bitch".

Anonymous said...

Mike, I hope you finally stop your blind devotion for that talentless, fame-whore LaToya. How shameful she continues to exploit the death of her own brother. Burn in hell, b!tch!

La Toya Jackson's nutty interview about Michael: 'He was murdered... he was a god'

Mike said...

Why are there so many haters? La Toya always speaks the truth and is selflessly investigating Michael's death like the holy patron saint of truth and justice. Time to open your heart to the Pope of Pop!

D'luv said...

I wonder if Pitbull boinked her lady drape.

Craig said...

I love Now I'm That Bitch! Is it coming out in australia?

John said...

On first listen, I wasn't that impressed, but I heard an interview with her, and the song has really grown on me as well. Plus can you ever have enough Pitbull?