Friday, August 14, 2009

Shena's Latest Disco Triumph!

The video for the third single from Shena's soon to be released debut album has just hit the internet and it's every bit as brilliant as we've come to expect from the Queen of nu-disco! I thought the fabulousness of "Can't Stop The Rain" and "My Fantasy" would be impossible to top but "Nasty Little Rumour" manages to raise the bar even further. Shena's latest anthem is another incredibly authentic three minute trip to disco heaven but this time around the song incorporates some contemporary elements that extend its appeal far beyond the realm of disco enthusiasts. "Nasty Little Rumour" is the kind of instantly catchy retro kitsch that Girls Aloud or the Sugababes would kill for. Maybe Shena should go into hiding because I wouldn't put anything past Cheryl Cole! Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that unlike the previous singles, I can easily imagine this on commercial radio. "Nasty Little Rumour" is a perfect summer jam with its big, beautiful chorus and infectious beats.

Shena has also delivered another amazing video. There is so much fierceness on display in this clip that it could blind non-gays and less than fabulous females. I just love everything about it. The styling is brilliant - Shena and her backing dancers (I'm pretty sure they are Shena's smoking hot sisters) look phenomenal and I love all the 70s influences. The scene in the hairdressing salon and restaurant are too camp for words and it seems appropriate that the grand finale take place in a nightclub that looks strangely familiar. I think I burned up that East London dancefloor when I was in UK! "Nasty Little Rumour" brings some much needed fun and glamour back into the increasingly dull and pretentious pop scene. I really hope things click for Shena this time because she's too fabulous to remain an underground pop sensation! Her debut album "One Man Woman" is released on the 31st of August, pre-order your copy now.


John said...

WOW...amazing track! If you'd held back on this until Sunday, I'm sure it would have topped the Panel. You're absolutely right that this could do well on the radio. At least everywhere but in the US.

tommie said...

2:30 - getting ready to get bukkake'd?

I love the track, by the way.

Parker said...

She looks like a tranny and the video seems a YouTube parody but yet again, she delivers one hot piece of disco anthem. Love it.

undisco_me said...

I can't get into it: she has all the credentials but it's ropey at best. Why is she meeting a guy in Starbucks for a date anyway - could she not book a table at Burger King or something?

If this was remixed by the Freemason's I'd be shooting my load for it obviously. Not completely hopeless but it could have been so much better.

Mike said...

Shena just does it for me. I guess as a crazy disco fan, her music is tailor made for my taste but I really think this has wider appeal than the last couple of singles.

And she doesn't look like a tranny! LOL

Jay said...


My random word verifaciation is an anagram of "labia"

Craig said...

Love it!

Is it being released in Australia?

The Diva said...

Parker, fuck off and go back to Spain. You wouldn't know quality if it went straight up your arse. You like Slags A Foul, for Pete's sake.

Keep whoring yourself and keep away. We don't need people here that are desperate for attention.

Shena rules!

Parker said...

At least in Spain we learn proper English cause I guess "One hot piece of disco anthem. Love it." was to intrincated for you.

Poor thing. I'm going to make it more cromagnon so you are not goin to make a fool of yourself anymore:

There you go.

tidusin said...

I love when men sing like women... I also love that she reads Lite!