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Sexy Times With Jonah

Jonah is all over the blogs at the moment - and with good reason. The openly gay Swede is a much needed breath of fresh air. Unlike the other cookie cutter pop stars being churned out of Scandinavia, Jonah hasn't had a personality bypass. He's often loud, sometimes bitchy and always staggeringly honest. Oh and did I mention that he can sing? Jonah has big plans for the second half of 2009. There's a highly anticipated man-on-man duet on the way as well as new solo material and a tour. Unfortunately, the duet is still tightly under wraps, so I couldn't really get the dirt on that. To make matters worse, Rob and Peibols had already asked all there is to know about his career and new music in fabulous interviews on Don't Stop The Pop and Ambiente G respectively. So what's a self-respecting gay to do when he has an international sex symbol all to himself and nothing new and interesting to ask? Talk dirty, of course! This interview won't win me any journalism awards but it's definitely one of my favourites. Keep an eye out for Jonah. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of him on these pages before the year is out.

Hi Jonah, welcome to Pop Trash! I'm told your latest single is a duet with another man. Can you tell us who your singing partner is? Are you guys singing to each other or is it a non-sexual man on man duet?
It's still a secret who will join me on the duet. The song is an up-lifting dance anthem that makes you want to dance, party and get high on love. And of course it's about fear, which makes it a gay anthem as well since all gay men including my self, constantly walk around with some kind of emotional disorder making us fear everything that could be good in life. Hahaha!

When and where is your stunning anthem going to be released? Is there a nude video to accompany it?
In the beginning of this autumn. There will not be an nude video for this one but beware - my other new release
"Welcome To My World" we have got very dirty plans considering the visuals!

As one of the few openly gay pop stars, do you feel it's harder to break through into the mainstream? Has it adversely affected your career?
Sure, probably it has "behind the scenes", but not so much that I know of... But there have been contracts - and we're talking big ones here - that I refused to sign because it includes paragraphs that don't let me "be gay". I'm sorry but that totally doesn't work for me. If I'm gonna go out and bang a girl, I would rather it be because I'm desperate and out of sexy guys to fuck than because it's in my contract!

What do you think about gay pop stars like Will Young who sing about girls? Is it a necessary evil or a cop out?
Well, everybody can do exactly what they want to.. but.. ahhh.. I dunno.. It just sounds weird to me. I mean I'm a great actor and an extraordinaire performer. Give me a role and I act it. Give me a scene and I'll play it. But when it comes to being myself, giving my audience a part of my heart I want it to be pure.

I'm going to get in trouble for saying this but Swedish pop music generally turns me off because the singers come across as soulless robots. What's your opinion of the Swedish pop scene? Who are you favourite artists?
I totally agree on one point. So much sounds the same and the productions are so good that it becomes totally soulless and empty. We have great voices in Sweden and fabulous producers. But not so many great performers. I mean, where's our Robbie? Our Kylie?! I'm so happy for Agnes right now, starting to make it big. I think she'll grow with that. She has the voice and the looks and the right people around her. Now it's only time for her to get the rest. Hmm otherwise... Swedish artists that have gone international... I'm getting bored with Robyn at the moment but at the same time I think she's probably our most talented pop export. I love Adrian Lux right now. Have you seen his
latest video?

That clip is AMAZING! Now let's get controversial. Is Carola Häggkvist a homophobic cunt?
Hahahha Why?! Because she finds homosexuals weird!? Well then I'm an even bigger homophobic cunt! No, to be honest. She's absolutely not homophobic but - let me put it this way - she's not so smart either. I could talk about Carola for hours so don't get me started!

Now this shit is GAY!

I loved your cover of "I Am What I Am" (above). It's closely associated with a number of big gay icons. Which tragic gay divas do you admire?
Oh that oldie was my first single in Sweden. It was the official song of Stockholm Pride that year and I still love the song in a strange way. It's so ubergay. I mean not even BRUNO would have done it today! Anyhow, divas I admire: I cannot think of any right now, maybe... and even if I don't wanna let it out. Madonna is one of my big role models. Not always because of her music and definitely not when it comes to her shows anymore... but businesswise she's no 1. She's totally ruthless when it comes to getting fame and she has her mind on PR and Media like nobody else. From her first daring steps on the club scene in NYC until now...

Speaking of Bruno, have you seen the movie? If so, did you find it funny or offensive? I found it strangely romantic...
OMG. That move really stirred up emotions, huh? I'm totally fed up with all those political arrogant stupid activists trying to ruin every moment of fun in our lives. I mean if they want to make a difference please focus on something else then a stupid movie. I love it and I'm proud of it!

Oh let's play "Would You Hit It?" I'll name a celebrity and you have to say if you'd fuck him/her/it!

- Erik Hassle Hmmm NO!

- RuPaul Maybe. I have a weird hetero perspective on trannies and I think they are hot in a strange kinda way. When I go out I love being surrounded by drag queens.

- Seth Rogen BORING!

- La Toya No way! (rude!)

- Jose Galisteo Yes, please. I already have plans for him!

This was fun!!! Give me more names!

I'll send you over some more names later! By the way, my Swedish friend Tommie has been high and dry for months. He's a bit unbalanced but he puts out for Vodka. Can I hook you guys up?
Hmmm if he is Swedish his chances are minimal. I probably already done everyone worth doing in Sweden. Those 5 or six guys and a tranny, I mean! Hahaha.

I understand you've been single for years. What do you look for in guys? What turns you off?
This is probably the trickiest question so far. Years? I think it's decades. I don't think I'm able too FEEL at all anymore. But hey... let's not give up hope totally! I've changed my "type" in the last two years after spending so much of my time in Miami and Paris. Before I wanted the "Ken doll" type, like Ricky Martin and well polished dudes. Now I'm really into tattoos and muscles these days.

If I look at the guys that left me heartbroken they're all dark haired, really goodlooking ones, fit but not with too much muscles (I'll send you some pics Mike to see what you think *lol*). If I looked at the ones I left heartbroken they all look different, tough hahaha. And I'm not gonna say like Lady GaGa, even if that what everyone is expecting me to say, big cocks! I look for charisma. He's got to be down to earth, have a sense of humour, looks and most important: passionate guys with goals in life always turn me on. If he's a party guy or a home boy doesn't matter.

What turns me off? I need independent guys but with a huge heart. Guys without any ambitions and bad taste in clothes - GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Can you recommend any good porn?
You now what?! I never looked at porn until recently. Before January this year I wasn't interested at all but then I found
Damien Crosse. Jesus! Porn has never been so great. I wanna marry him. Until then I'll keep myself happy with watching his movies!

You've spent most of last year travelling. What's your favourite city, who has the best gay scene and where are the best hookers?
NYC is my favorite city. And Paris. Bangkok has the funniest gay clubs. Miami is my second home so everything there is so familiar to me which makes it easy and to chill out there. There's not many things better than spending new year until end of February in Miami. I totally love it!
Barcelona has the best gay scene tough... over all. Best shopping is probably Milan and New York. For relaxing and meditation I'd go to Sicily or some of the islands outside Thailand. I've never been to Australia. Hmm, maybe we could arrange that?!

Well my door is always open! So, what's next for Jonah? Are we ever going to get an album?
Sure! Just be patient! First you'll get brand new singles. One will be the theme song for the album and the upcoming tour (
"Welcome To My World") and the other one will be the duet.
The plan is to follow this with an EP during mid autumn. Album release in the end of 2009... kinda!

Thanks for the chat, can't wait to hear your new stuff!


D'luv said...

Nice mouth.

Aaron said...

He Sounds brilliant and I'd kill to hear some of his stuff! - He sounds really honest and Everything I've heard is fantastic!

tommie said...

"Unbalanced"? Oh Mike, when are you going to forget about that whole kidney/Ebay-incident? For the last time, you DO NOT need both!

Anonymous said...

horrible singer. cant believe he referred to himself as an extrodinary performer and brilliant actor. please!! spare us.

Robpop said...

Fabulous interview. Will link it later today.

There is a wonderful remix of I am What I am that reworks the refrain to wonderful deliverance! I'll dig it out for you

D.P.F. said...

Haha nice interview and he's cute :) I like his version of IAWIA!

Anonymous said...

I just heard the terrible news about Mike. :( Rest In Peace! You will be missed.

tommie said...

Anonymous - please fuck off and get a life. He's not dead as I just got a text from him literally a second ago...

He is, however, in the hospital and is generally having a crappy day but will be out soon...

Zaghawa said...

I need to find out more 'bout this Swedish gay! ;) And get well soon Mikey!

Anonymous said...

I hope he's ok! Starting to get worried.

Zaghawa said...

I hope he's okay too!

Mike said...

LOL - I'm not dead but thanks for your concern. I've had a shitty week but I'm back.

I'm glad (most of) you like Jonah. He's great and I can't wait for his sexy man on man duet.