Saturday, August 22, 2009

La Toya's Duet With Duet Andre & Other Tidbits!

It's been a while since my last La Toya update so I thought it was about time I devoted another post to world's greatest living vocalist. Since emerging from her self-imposed exile to personally hunt down Michael's killer, Toy has swiftly kicked Janet to the curb as the world's favourite remaining Jackson. The public simply can't get enough of our goddess. She's all over the gossip blogs and has been inundated with offers to appear on every US television show from Dancing With The Stars (Toy Toy just said no) to The View. The Pope of Pop accepted the latter invitation and will join the panel on the 16th and 18th of September. I just hope Whoopi can keep her hands to herself because La Toya's sexual energy is notoriously hard to resist and our girl doesn't open her front door for any old has-been!

As excited as I am about Toy Toy's publicity whoring rampage, I'm more interested in her musical comeback. Everything is going full steam ahead on that front with news that "Home" is currently storming up the iTunes (R'n'B) chart (in Germany)! If that isn't reason enough to celebrate, the sure to be iconic video debuts on the 1st of September. That's less than two weeks until La Toya officially makes Madonna, Britney and Lady GaGa redundant! I know you're thinking that Dutchess of Dance couldn't possibly have anything else up her sleeve but Australia's 4th greatest musical export, Peter Andre, recently announced that he's working on a Michael Jackson tribute with Toy! Talk about a clash of the titans! This has #47 smash written all over it! Peter mentioned the decade's most highly anticipate duet in a recent interview with TMZ (below). Fast forward to 1:40 mins to hear all the exciting details. You just know Michael shed tears of joy in heaven when he heard about this duo joining forces in his honour!


The Prophet said...

Once a flop forever a flop.

With no talent.

Janet forever!

tommie said...

Jeffre is apparently denying this. ToyDrama!

The Prophet: Janet is a fat slut. Apparently poor innocent Toy tried to approach the horrid wench to help her away from Jack Gordon in the early 90s, but Janet attacked her instead!

Also, Toy introduced Janet to her ghostwriter Renée.

Magical Froggy said...

I can't believe things in ToyWorld are moving so swiftly! Although she has turned down Dancing With The Stars, she's allegedly signing up for the UK version Strictly Come Dancing. It seems the UK is once again to be blessed with the only Jackson with beauty and talent. I can't wait! :D

Zaghawa said...

Beware haterzz, Toy is gonna get you rocked hard this time !

Paul said...

oooo i can't wait (and i have no idea any more whether that is sarcastic or not since i bought behind closed doors on amazon for 29p)

Anonymous said...

Toy for president!

Johnny said...

Mike, please keep us updated with Toy's every career move - these are my favourite posts. I'll admit i own every Janet CD and recently boughta Michael Jackson best of (didn't everyone?) but I am starting to become very obsessed with Toy. She really is the thinking gay's Jackson!

John said...

"I respect her for even doing it..."

Translation: thank GOD she's allowing me to hop on the crazy train to Inappropriateville!

T. said...

Gosh! your LaToya pics are so fun! (the one where she's on madonna & brit is great)I love this idea of Toy touching peter, can't wait for the duet...But its strange because Toy ALREADY have a tribute song with "home"?! 2: the Toy duets never been really successfull, but if Peter is #1 its ok!

Do you know her position on Itunes sellings, id like to put it on my blog, I put a lot of new stuff, I'm glad LaToya is everywhere but I havent got the time to put so much news... Toy: stop being so productive!!!

T. said...

by the way... I just finished reading her autobiography (new french version "michael jackson la legende") and it's seems that in real life LaToya is not a sexToy at all!!
I feel she's been a virgin until 30... she's kinda the opposite of her public image, but i like this contradiction!


Anonymous said...


Latoya is self-hated nobody! That is riding on the coattails of her brother and sister's success! LOL!

and that whole abuse story is a lie for attention!