Monday, July 13, 2009

La Toya Is Startin' Over - Again!

Michael Jackson is crying tears of joy in heaven tonight with news that his favourite sister is about to embark on the most anticipated comeback of the century. On Tuesday the 28th of July, La Toya will finally claim her rightful place at the forefront of popular music with the release of her first official US single in over a decade. "Home" is a touching ballad that perfectly showcases the stunning beauty of Toy Toy's voice. It's also a fitting tribute to Michael and will no doubt bring a lot of comfort to his army of mourning fans. It's official - iTunes is gonna get rocked!

As much as I love "Home" and wholeheartedly approve of it being released as a single, it isn't exactly new. In fact, I voted it the best song of 2006 in my end of year countdown! At the time I wrote:

To fully appreciate this song, it helps to know a bit about Toy's life story - that she married a psychotic gangster who beat her up, drugged her, cut her off from her family and generally made her a worldwide laughing stock. La Toya wrote this song about growing up with the Jacksons and missing them during her time in exile. The result is a bittersweet ballad, which is reminiscent of Michael's "Childhood" - only good.

I feel a bit bad about that final sentence now but I stand by it. "Home" stands toe to toe with anything her siblings have recorded. It's a tender love letter to Havenhurst and has only become more poignant in light of recent events. The line about missing Joker (Toy's nickname for Michael) is so incredibly sad. You can hear the new single edit over at Bungalow Records. I prefer the four and half minute version that leaked in 2006 but it's still a triumph. No comment on the toytastic artwork (above) though!

I really hope the song is treated fairly. Insecure Janet fans are already questioning the timing of Toy's comeback - calling it tacky and tasteless but as Michael would say, that's ignorant. While Damita Ho sits on her couch eating donuts and watching anal porn, La Toya has been bravely investigating the circumstances of her brother's death. It's only right that the family looks to her for solace in their time of need and hopefully "Home" does the trick. The 28th is still three weeks away, so check out this amazing promo in the meantime. Be warned, this footage has been known to generate explosive toygasms!


Craig said...

Please tell me that covers not official!!

tommie said...

Beautiful! I'm sure Michael would've been proud! If Janet had recorded this, you know the Janazi's would've proclaimed it as one of her best and most personal tracks ever! Poor Toy can't win with the haterz.

Regarding that article though; while it's wonderful to have Toy back out and about in the press, I'm starting to get scared that she's acting out of shock and grief and I hope she doesn't say anything she'll regret later! I'm afraid it might turn her into a bigger recluse than she already is.

And what's up with everyone wanting to ship off their kids to Rebbie? Poor woman. No wonder she never had time for a fulltime pop career!

I hope 'Home' does well... at least for Toy's standards! I would be nice to her get a top 200 digital sales 'hit'.

TheMegalomania said...

Fabulous post! Toy sure knows how to get attention.

The Prophet said...

Oh please. LeToya is using her brothers death to promote a song that was recorded almost 5 years ago. She's the epitome of a no talent flop.

Janet publicly defended Michael the whole time he was alive, more than any other member of the Jackson family, whilst Toy accused him of being a paedophile with a fraudulent marriage.

Paris and blanket ran to Aunty Jan at the memorial because they trust her and she's a sweet person, but they knew not to touch evil aunt Toy who slandered their Daddy's name with lies and hatred.

Jamie_movietrip said...

What a shame she didn't perform it at Michael's memorial. No doubt she was too exhausted after all that detecive work she's been doing.

I have to say Home is an absolute gem of a track from the unreleased 2002 Startin' Over sessions, yes it's that old!!! Before the haters start claiming Toy wrote it on the back of a fag packet outside the Staples Centre.

I really hope this does well and I trust that we can rely on US Toy Soldiers to buy us all copies to boost Toy's sales. I think it could be a hit of If You Feel The Funk sized proportions.

John said...

I know I'm gonna get beat down for this, but it sure sounds like an All For You-era Janet ballad. It could be so much worse, but still, come on. Shameless much?

undisco_me said...

Janet was totally wearing a not-so-lil' black dress at the funeral party concert thing - only La Toya with her noir sumbrero showed any class (and we all know Brooke was only crying because Lipstick Lesbians got cancelled 6 months ago).

This sounds like Gloria Estefan's 'Reach (For Michael's Bank Cards)', or a Lion King ballad.

Soulseekers, please remix this!

Kevin said...

Sorry Mikee, but yeah, this is pretty tacky of LaToya. But what else can we expect of the least-talented Jackson?

The Heart Don't Lie!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Someone come rub my big back door so I know I am not dreaming! This is wonderful news. As Toy's inferior pop female counterpart, Madonna, once said

"I'm not religious but I feel so moved"

Toy Toy 4 EVA!

Mike said...

I am outraged and disgusted by some of the negativity!

The Duchess of Dance has devoted her whole life to freeing the world and is about to embark on her biggest act of merciful charity - sharing her stunning voice with the masses.

How dare anyone question her intentions. At such a dark time in musical history, pop fans need to feel La Toya's funk now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who "LeToya" is but I'm so proud of La Toya for finally unleashing this heart rending ballad into such a cynical and bitter world!

What the uninformed haters don't know is that a single, "Love," was announced three months ago. No one could have anticipated MJ's death. Would a disco single have been more appropriate? Toy has already had to delay "Startin Over" for Jan's breast and MJ's trial. And Toy's been sitting on the latest version of SO all year.

The peanut gallery will slam any Toy release so their opinion doesn't really matter to me anyway.

What matters is that MJ would have wanted Toy to release the song. Its true when they say the show must go. Anyone remember what "Gone Too Soon" was for? This is an artist's way of expressing her grief.


Jay said...

Beyond Fabulous! A stunning tribute. The only way this could be even better would be if the beautiful Free The World was the b-side.

And you can spot the jealous JANFAT Nazis a mile off... the slutty sister is probably rummaging through Neverland for Michaels anal beads.

Johnny D said...

While I'll always be a Janatic, this is fantastic news! Could it be that "startin' over" is going to be released finally. I am not familiar with any of Toy's music, but I wanna get rocked! Lord only knows how Janet will top this!

I honestly thought Toy would attempt a "Natalie Cole" and record and "Unforgettable" duet style album, but at least she's taking the high road. Pity about the album art :(

Ro Ro said...

How Exciting! I was thinking to myself..self:this is the time for la toya to have a hit. It's everything jackson. Except for Janet since she hasn't had anything good out since the early 90's. I hope this leads to an album...i was really angry that she shelved startin over.

will said...

Good lawd! Now that is dedication and passion! :')

Tommy said...

Between freeing the world, avenging Michael's killers AND getting Donatella to outfit the entire family, she still has the time to be an artist and turn her grief into great musical art. Our Toy is such a trouper! If she doesn't deserve a hit, no one does. Just think, if she was Khia, she'd be plugging this shit to anyone who'd give her airtime. Damn the funeral arrangements, a bitch needs to make a living!.. I actually think she's been quite dignified, considering Larry King is just a phone-call away, and would probably stop at nothing to have her for an hour and an impromptu serenade..

Startin' Over 2010! I can feel it.