Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hannah - Pop, Puppies & Jason Donovan

After a decade of massive hits in her native Estonia, "Keeping Score" represents Hannah's (not to be confused with our own legendary diva) first attempt at grabbing a slice of the UK pop pie. I featured the track on the Pop Panel a couple of weeks ago and the response was pretty mixed. Personally, I love "Keeping Score". It doesn't reinvent the wheel but it's a well crafted pop tune with a great little chorus and some killer remixes. There's something warm and uplifting about her music that really appeals to me. I couldn't wait to ask Hannah about that song, her forthcoming album and touring with Jason Donovan when I interviewed her recently. Check out what she had to say below.

Hannah, was it scary to start again from scratch in the UK?

It's always a bit scary to work in a different country to your own but it's very rewarding at the same time when you have some success.

Your music has a more organic sound than most Europop divas. Will you continue with that or have you made a conscious decision to embrace the dance genre?

I plan on doing my music and finding new fans in lots of different genres – I had a big hit in the US dance charts in 2002 so it's really cool to be doing dance music again and being part of its major rebirth.

Was giving Beyoncé a run for her money on the club chart with "Keeping Score" completely unexpected?

Totally! It's great that "Keeping Score" is hitting the right spot in the clubs right now and I was so proud to see it chart and am so grateful that people like it.

Is that track reflective of the rest of your album? I understand you've collaborated with some amazing writers and producers.

I've been very lucky to collaborate with some amazing writers and producers – I had no idea I would be that fortunate to work with the amazing Steve Robson who co-wrote "Shine" for Take That or the legendary Steve Booker who worked with Duffy on "Mercy". You have to remember I'm just a young girl and these people are really brilliant and the fact that I could get to work with them was even more amazing.

I read that you toured the UK with Jason Donovan. What was that like? Did he ever drag you on stage to sing "Especially For You"?

We had great fun touring the UK – Jason was really easygoing and friendly towards me and I loved every second of being on tour in the UK and performing and then meeting the public. That's the best bit. No "Especially For You" though! I saw him again recently in Priscilla Queen of the Desert which is on in London's West End and there were lots of Kylie jokes, very funny!

You mentioned re-recording "Blinded" as a duet. I love that song. Can you tell me who your duet partner is?

Not yet. It's all a bit secret at the moment as we are still working through stuff for it but I can't wait to give it a new flavour and new style for the dance floor. Just watch this space as I hope we can tell you soon.

Will there be any old tracks on your new album? "You & I" is so beautiful.

No it’s all brand new – we might add a bonus track though, that’s not a bad idea, thank you!

I saw the photos of your dogs on Myspace. As a crazy dog person, I can't resist asking about their age and breed.

They are amazing Akitas – and they’ve just had 8 puppies. It was beautiful and a little crazy for a while at home looking after them and eventually finding them good and loving homes.

Thanks for your time. I really hope the album takes off!

Thank you.

"Keeping Score" was released in the UK on Monday. Download it now from iTunes, 7digital, HMV or Tunetribe. The Riffs & Rays remix is now available on Australian iTunes.

Hannah's beautiful Akitas


tommie said...

I was actually disappointed that it wasn't the Australian Hannah at first!

Keeping Score is nice enough - has it been a big club hit?

Jay said...

Those doggies are so cute!

Mike said...

Tommie - I'm not sure. I read that "Keeping Score" was challenging Beyonce for the top spot but there are several different club charts in the UK and some of them are kind of irrelevent. Like the chart that Dannii scored 13 #1s on!

Jay - I know, they're so cute. I want one!

Brian Chang said...

Hi Mike,

Can you do a review for Utada? She's becoming silent after her first english single, "Come Back To Me"


Mike said...

Hi Brian!

"Come Back To Me" was great but I haven't heard anything about Utada's album for ages. To be honest, I still haven't listened to it yet because I've heard so many bad things. I guess I should decide for myself.

PS. I love the title of your blog!