Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Soraya - The Deluxe Edition!

There was an amazing surprise waiting for me in the letterbox this afternoon. Hiding beneath all the bills and junk mail was a package from my lovely Spanish gays, Pablo and Fernando. They were kind enough to send me a copy of "Sin Miedo - The Deluxe Edition" in addition to a film that culminates in a woman biting off a man's cock. As much as I enjoyed my introduction to the wonderful world of Spanish cinema, I'm even more ecstatic about the Soraya album. I'm just so proud that she's decided to follow in the fabulous footsteps of Dannii by re-releasing an album that no one bought in the first place!

Despite being a rather desperate ploy to cash in on Soraya's stunning Eurovision "success", the deluxe edition of "Sin Miedo" is actually rather classy. Sure, there are only two bonus tracks - the previously released "Hasta El Final" and a remix of "La Noche Es Para Mi" that could well have been whipped up on Soraya's home computer - but the real treat is the bonus DVD and photo gallery. Who needs gay porn when you can watch all 8 of Soraya's trashtastic video clips in a row? It's fascinating to see how the Spanish diva's sound and image has evolved. The early clips are hilarious, particularly the kung fu dance moves in "Mi Mundo Sin Ti" and the karaoke themed "Call Me".

It's hard to pick a favourite video from all these classy gems but, if pushed, I would have to go with "La Dolce Vita" (below). Not only is it a fantastic cover of a classic song, the clip is the trashiest thing I've seen since Suzy Ray revolutionised the visual medium as we know it with "Disco In My Car". Everything about "La Dolce Vita" is perfect. The costumes are glamorous, the choreography is fun and Soraya looks breathtakingly gorgeous. I really think my future wife should choose the best songs from her two English albums and try her luck outside Spain. Who could resist such a fabulous goddess? Anyway, the re-release seems to be working for her at home. "Sin Miedo" sits at #33 in the Spanish charts this week. Now that's what I call Dannii-esque $ucce$$!


Robpop said...

Well Jealous! How DARE you have this so soooooooon!!!

Sigh!!!!! I love Soraya!!!! I remember going ON and ON about one noticing...

That was in 2007!! :-(

2 years ago!

I am so glad I have a "Soraya Sister".

Jay said...

Beyond Fabulous! I can't wait until my next visit to Spain so I can pick up a copy in Discos Noda!

Peibols said...

Soraya must find this blog. And see how fan you are. She'll marry you so you can get the green card.

By the way, las Supremas are on TV as we speak.

Aaron said...

Ooh - Jealous Much!!! - I can't wait to get my hands on this!!!

Charming as always though Mike!

Kinda unrelated, but Guess what's on the Aussie iTunes??? - The original version of Sin Miedo! - I'm not Kidding!

Jamie said...

@ Robpop

I cared about Soraya too and even gave your blog kudos for bringing this fabulous diva to my attention.

Mike, check out Soraya's performance with Charlotte Perrelli below. As my friend said 'the look on catface, you can see she is jealous of Soraya's beauty and singing ability.

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeewwwww Mike! Pop Trash indeed!

Why?!?1 Soraya is utter shite!

Mike said...

Rob - You are definitely my Soraya sister! The next time she has an acoustic tour of Spanish radio stations we should totally make the pilgrimmage together.

Jay - Buy Las Supremas while you're there!

Pablo - Thanks so much for the CD! I love it. The film was great too but I need a translator. I wish Soraya would find my blog. Soraya, I love you!

Aaron - Yeah, I noticed that too. There's no excuse not to own "Sin Miedo" now.

Jamie - That clip is divine. Charlotte wishes she had one tenth of Soraya's talent and beauty! What a vile, sour faced cunt.

Anon - I just died inside. Open your heart to the true Queen of pop!

bubu said...

Soraya's re-release has fallen to #66 as we speak. See what our copy had made to the Spanish charts!

Looking at the comments, I see they all envy you and your new posession. I am glad we have caused such feelings around you.

We have sent you the film so you can start learning Spanish once and for all! We think your Mexican school is a scam. Anyway, you should write an email to Soraya's company, even if it is in English. As poor as record sales are, I am sure they will suck your cock because all this free promo.