Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tina Does The Kings Of Leon

In possibly the year's most fabulous development, pop trash icon Tina Cousins is returning to the music scene with a trancetastic cover of "Sex On Fire" by the Kings Of Leon. My sex burst into flames the moment I heard Tina was back in the studio and I haven't been able to put the fucker out since hearing her magnificent comeback anthem!

"Sex On Fire" is the legendary dance diva's second overhaul of a classic rock track in a row after vastly improving upon the Foo Fighters' "Ever Long". Check out Tina's version here. Unfortunately, that stunning gem remains unreleased but things are looking up for the honorary Australian (well, it's not like she has hits anywhere else). Her radical makeover of "Sex On Fire" is gaining a lot of buzz among influential UK DJs and the song has already premiered on Radio 1. By Tina's standards, that's the equivalent of a triple platinum #1 hit!

With any luck this could be Ms Cousins' ticket back to the pop charts. The transformation of "Sex On Fire" from rock to dance is surprisingly seamless. Tina's glorious pipes breathe new life into the lyrics, while the production is commercial without being too cheesy. There's no news of a release date yet (in fact, to my knowledge Tina is still unsigned outside Australia) but fingers crossed it all comes together soon.

My sex will rival the touring inferno if the fabulous bitch drags her old carcass over here for a promo tour. And then there's the delightful prospect of a video clip. I can just picture it - Tina rolling around in bed with an icepack between her legs!

Listen to "Sex On Fire" HERE


By the way, a Scandipop flavoured Panel will appear on Don't Stop The Pop this week in celebration of Rob's Swedish Season. I'm assured it will be posted today or tomorrow. The Pop Panel will return to Pop Trash Addicts next weekend - hopefully, with a classy new judge!


tommie said...

Oh my. Dance trash if I ever heard one. I think the video will make or break this for me - it needs to reach the epic standards of Total Eclipse '07!

(Linni 4 numbar one!)

Paul said...

excitement. was it her that did the original version of Deeper Shade of Blue? I love her if so :) Ooo my word verification is gash. how appropriate

John said...

Every time I hear or read something about Tina Cousins, I think it's Tina Youthers from "Family Ties". Tells you how memorable she is to me. And you might want to check out some antibiotics on that fire situation you've got going on.

Martin said...

The finished version of Everlong with the Bubble gum crisis video

is orgasmic. I emailed the young lass that posted the video begging for an MP3 and she wrote back "Sorry, I don't pirate music"... and I wrote back "well, tell me where you bought it from then darlin' ".... no response. Dirty little troll, keeping Tina all to herself.

undisco_me said...

I'm with Martin, I had a similar experience regarding unreleased Livin' Joy tracks.

Not to go on about it, but back in 2004 I ruined Tina's sole Scottish P.A by shouting in a Glaswegian accent 'A PURE LUV U TINA!' all the way through her set, and (before Kylie) pretended to have cancer so that I could meet her but was physically thrown out the club instead. I doubt she can reach those giddy heights ever again.

Aaron said...

LOVING This track - I went insane for it since I heard the snippet on Popjustice! - SHE BETTER RELEASE AN ALBUM!!

Mike said...

Yeah Martin, I feel your pain. I've been hunting down that version of "Ever Long" for ages too. It's amazing and I wish Tina would just stick it on iTunes and earn some cash for her next round of Botox injections.

Undisco me - that story is pure class. I love seeing Tina live. She always seems a little tipsy and more often than not she ends up berating the crowd. I love her!

Adem With An E said...

I am absolutely dying to hear this song in full HQ CD quality. It is leaps, bounds and miles better than the original, isn't it?