Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hermanas Goggi - Estoy Bailando

If I ever build a time machine, I'm setting the dial for 1979. It seems as good a year as any - Satan is yet to spawn Cheryl Cole, the charts are full of songs I actually like and stunning Eurotrash divas Las Hermanas Goggi are churning out sublime anthems like "Estoy Bailando" (literally, "I'm Dancing"). I don't know much about these fabulous Italian sisters apart from their names - Loretta and Daniela - and the fact that they created one of the campest disco tunes of all time.

Like many Italian stars of the 1970s, the glamorous Goggi girls achieved considerable fame in Spain by releasing songs in Spanish. Their biggest (and perhaps only) hit was "Estoy Bailando", a tragic love story set to an irresistible disco beat. The chorus is as bright and shiny as a discoball, while the delicious duo wring every ounce of emotion from the words with their dramatic vocal delivery. The lyrics are camp genius but you don't need to understand a word of Spanish to appreciate this masterpiece. However, it helps.

Unfortunately, the only thing I learned at Mexican School is ¿Me da un elote por favor? - so I asked Pablo to translate the song for me. I'm sure you'll be blown away by the epic scale of this tragic tale of woe. It's just like Romeo & Juliet, only without the feuding families and suicide!

If we split up dancing
It'll be easier than talking
You dance with any blonde
And I just get on the groove

The resentment here is palpable. The Goggis are clearly dealing with an A Grade man whore!

I drink your Coca Cola
Left your glass empty
And I keep dancing alone
Or with any fling of mine

Drink that Cola, bitches! I hope the bastard dies of thirst!

I'm dancing
I defend myself tooth and nail
And my heart beats to the rhythm of the music
and there in the world
that's black like the deepest sea
I'm dancing

The girls start to sink into depression, which they express in a series of bad metaphors. Either that or they just scored some hard drugs.

Like a sleep-walker who won't wake up
Because I'm dancing
I hide from sadness like Brazil
After all everyone has a masquerade
And tonight finally I get free from you.

My money's on the drugs. And since when does Brazil "hide from sadness"? Someone please explain!

So slow is this tragic tango
You stare at me
Come and dance with me
The night is young
Tomorrow we'll see

Like Kylie, the desperate sisters have decided it's better the devil you know. I just hope he doesn't make them pay for the Cola.

In order to get the full impact of Las Hermanas Goggi, check out this amazing television performance (below). They are so unbelievably fabulous. The hair is perfect, the outfits are spectacular and the choreography is heaven. I know this is kind of unrelated but why did Spain need to import Italian divas? Apart from Baccara, were there any Spanish disco acts?

One more thing - Soraya needs to cover this song on her next album. Fact.


Peibols said...

I love how at the beginning, they don't even try to be close to the mic. They don't care.

This song is an anthem.

Jay said...

Beyond Fabulous! The drinking of the coke is a sublime and sinister revenge! That showed him!

Hidroboy said...

This is not only one of my beloved songs of all time, it's actually MY SONG!!!
Even my blog has it's name. I can explain why, but if I never knew this song my life would be completely different.
Check out the cover that Shimai (a drag duo from Barcelona) did for the song some summers ago:
Both versions are classics here, at the scene in Barcelona.


Mike said...

Pablo - They mime worse than Girls Aloud but the Hermanas Goggi make up for it by actually having talent and charisma.

Jay - I'm thinking someone slipped something into that Cola. All this talk about hiding from sadness like Brazil makes me very suspicious!

Hidroboy - I can't believe your Blog's called "Estoy Bailando". How fabulous! Maybe after another semester at Mexican School I'll be able to read it. I love that Shimai cover, it's so amazingly trash! Maybe we should start a petition demanding that Soraya cover it or be exiled to Portugal. She would be perfect!

tommie said...

Linni Meister (the girl who butchered Survivor) is back with the anthem "My Ass":


Tommy said...

Thanks for unearthing this glorious Spanish disco gem! It's like Baccara with a vengeance! That video's so going in my YT favourites.