Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CC Martini - The Update

CC Martini is one of my favourite artists in the whole wide world. She's brave, gutsy and utterly unique on the Australian music scene. CC has also become a good friend of mine. In a parallel universe (where I'm not into dick) we're probably taking a romantic walk on the beach at this very moment. Unfortunately, in this dimension, ours is a love that dare not speak its name. So I'd better get on with this post before CC takes out a restraining order.

The last time I caught up with Australia's Queen of pip pop, she had just returned from the States and was getting ready to unleash her sophomore album. There have been some massive changes since then. Here's a quick recap of recent developments:

- CC has dropped 'Martini' from her name. Now she's just CC, like that tranny on The Nanny!
- My beautiful ranga princess has left Shock Records.
- CC is fleeing Australia again! Her plan is to start over among the gays of San Francisco.
- The diva is now planning to distribute her music independently via a new interactive website that she's currently working on.
- CC plans to give away lots of her music for free!

While I'm sad CC is taking off again so quickly, I'm in awe of her dedication to music. Many lesser divas would have given up and taken a job at Woolworths by now. Instead, CC is still in the game and still churning out fantastic pop tunes.

CC, I wish you every success. Please find me a hot (preferably rich) husband in San Fran and stay in touch!


tommie said...

"Pippa" is Swedish slang for fucking (having SEX) - do you mean that she does fuck pop?

I loved the Martini! Why did she drop it?

Mike said...

Pip pop = hip hop mixed with pop.

Although "fuck pop" sounds pretty hot too. Maybe CC can try that out on her next album.

I liked Martini too. CC sounds like a corn chip.

Jay said...

I hope the fabulous CC hasn't dropped her last name to palcate the notoriously hyper sensitive hypocritical Yanks. Best of luck to her in Frisco - and if she bumps into a trashed Dannii trawlign the gay bars for hot lesbian action, she must get pictures!

D'luv said...

CC looks amazing here! I can't wait till his album comes out!!!

Anonymous said...

I love CC too thanks to your blog - I grabbed everything I could find on UK iTunes with her name on it right after reading your old reviews. Over here we don't get any news on her (yet - her time will surely come?) so the update is greatly appreciated.

I just felt compelled to post to note that Woolworths is no more over here so the double mention recently sticks out a little. May I suggest Primark or Iceland as an alternative high street career path for failed pop princesses?


Mike said...

LOL! I was actually referring to the Australian grocery chain but maybe I should stick with Iceland as the universal resting place for pop flops. Not that CC's going to end up packing frozen goods!

I'm sure the UK features somewhere in CC's grand masterplan.