Saturday, February 07, 2009

Liena - Go Crazy

There has been a distinct lack of exciting new faces on the local pop scene for the past few months but the drought has finally been broken by 20 year old Sydneysider Liena. The budding diva has been on my radar since mid-2008 but she has only just got around to releasing her amazing debut single. "Go Crazy" is a seriously fabulous slice of Australian pop. Produced by the super hot Audius (the man responsible for Jessica Mauboy's hit album), this is an effortlessly catchy summer jam that would sound perfect blasting from the radio. It's upbeat, fun and very now. Liena lists Beyoncé, Rihanna and Mariah among her influences - and while there is a distinct urban flavour to most of her music, "Go Crazy" is unashamedly POP. The song is available to download from iTunes now. The bundle comes with a couple of fun remixes, while the B-side, "End Of The Road", showcases her R'n'B leanings. Check out Liena's myspace and give "Go Crazy" a listen - I have it streaming below.

Go Crazy:


Poster Girl said...

I really like this! Just a little "Don't Stop The Music," but far more on the cute side--upbeat and fun is exactly right.

Since when is the Blogger word verification actual words? Mine is "kitten."

The Prophet said...

I absolutely hate it!!! Even Tamara is better!

Brett said...

She's GORGEOUS! Great song too X

Robpop said...

PPG I once got fagitsore.

I love this. I'd actually say she's better than Jessica Mauboy. This girl better come over to the UK. If not that, release an album NOW!

Michael said...

It's absolutely appallng that Love Fight wasn't released to promote The Hits and Beyond. Dannii would have returned to the UK top 10, and she might have actually sold a few copies of her album.

Poor Dannii will always be under appreciated.