Friday, February 06, 2009

Drinks With CC Martini

After almost a year of being "internet friends" (that sounded a lot less sad in my head), I finally met CC Martini in person last week. Australia's queen of pip pop - hip hop tinged pop - had just flown in from the States, where she has been hatching her plans for future world domination, and was in the mood to unwind with a few cocktails. A great idea under normal circumstances but I had been partying since midday and was in a complete state by the time we caught up. Thankfully CC is a really cool chick and pretended not to notice my general lack of motor skills. Bless. Despite the not so classy start, it turned out to be an awesome night. We knocked back some delicious passionfruit Caprioskas and wandered around King's Cross chatting about everything from CC's American trip to the merits of Katy Perry. I managed to do a bit of digging about the new demos (CC sang the chorus of "Dress Me Up" on the street - sounds amazing!) but mostly we just talked about normal stuff. I did, however, take some hot photos. I'm loving the pic of CC posing on the back of some dude's truck in the middle of the Cross. That shit should be her next album cover! There's also a happy snap of us together below. I had a great time and can't wait to do it again. CC, move to Sydney and be my new BFF!

Essential CC Martini Links:

"Double Dutch" Video Clip
"Champagne Taste" Video Clip
Her Myspace
Her Facebook
Interview 1
Interview 2


Charles said...

Oh, I love Double Dutch since 5 minutes ago!

tommie said...

Oh Mike, your epic internet whoring never ceases to make me smile!

I'm still worried that you told her about me! It sounds like I should beware of ginga ninjas lurking in the bushes of Sweden!

D'luv said...

Doll, you are SO handsome! With a mouth like that....yowza!

So, who's the guy in the white v-neck t-shirt, though?

Ro Ro said...

Did u clip some of her pubes and put them in a zip loc bag? How fabulous that u met her!!! You're a cutie too i bet CC wanted an acne treatment right then and there! lol I am truly jealous and happy at the same time shes such an inspiration. You go gurl!

Jay said...

Beyond Fabulous!

Jamie said...

Mike, me and you share the same innane desire to be photographed with heroines of tragic-pop. I still cant get over my brush with such divas as Kelly Wilde, Cheryl Baker or Sheila Fergusson. Still getting my photograph with last year's norwegian eurovision entrant in a norwegian magazine was one of my defining media whore moments akin to your Boyz spread!!!

Paul said...

I really must post the pic of me dancing at the gale, and you can see Sonia's crotch just above my head on the stage. What a hum job that nearly was.

CC seems amazing :) I am absolutely going to hunt down Jemini and become friends with them!!

Anonymous said...

awwww , you're cute !
She's ace


Adem With An E said...

That last picture if gorge Mike; you're both such spunks!