Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marta Sánchez & Carlos Baute - The Duet

What do you get when you combine the self-proclaimed "Spanish Madonna" with a South American himbo best known for taking off his shirt at every available opportunity? The answer, quite unexpectedly, is one of the sweetest duets I've heard in a long time. "Colgando En Tus Manos", roughly translated as "Hanging In Your Hands", is currently the most downloaded song in Spain (according to iTunes) and it's easy to see the appeal.

Carlos and Marta deliver an adorable mid-tempo ballad, which no doubt has Spanish housewives from Bilbao to Málaga in a lather. I'm usually immune to soppy love songs but there's just something about this gorgeous track that clicks with me. I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm slightly obsessed with one of the participants (I must have picked up 5 or 6 Marta CDs in Spain) but the thing I love most about "Colgando En Tus Manos" is its simplicity. There are no tiresome vocal acrobatics or overbearing production flourishes - just some beautifully played guitar, two lovely voices and fabulous lyrics about having dinner in Marbella. That's not to mention the catchy "cuidado, cuidado" hook or the cute video.

I love film clips with a storyline and this stunning tale of love and lust between a limo driver and his famous client deserves an Academy Award - if only for the trashy scene where Marta and Carlos do some weird interpretive dance in an empty stadium. I'm convinced this is all based on fact. Marta looks like the kind of desperate bitch that would let the hired help work over her musty growler. And who can blame her? I wish Carlos' cock was colgando in my manos too. Don't be put off by the new and improved Pop Trash Addicts cover (above), this really is a classy affair!


bubu said...

yes, Mike, this is #1 here in Spain for some weeks now.
no surprise, it is the typical #1 material to reign in Spain!

Peibols said...

Marta has an amazing past as singer. As an actress as well. We must try to get you her film SUPERNOVA. Better than Minogue's Street Fighter!

I like Baute in mute style. Only watching him. And, believe it or not, he make reherseals in Huesca.

Tony Tornado said...

You're so trashy...

Did you know that Marta is Judge with So-yaya in the new Reality Show "Chorus Battle"?

To see So Yaya's group:

The main page of this cheesy horror:

It would be so much fun to see it with you at home...
We miss you, koala!

Fernando said...

You should post Thalia here.
It's pure Latin Trashy Pop.
Just check it out!

Mike said...

Bad Bubu. Spain has surprisingly good taste at the moment. Nena Daconte and now Marta. Much better than Rosa and all those other insomnia inducing divas.

Pablo - I had no idea Miss Sanchez was also a movie superstar! I can't wait to see her stuff. However, I highly doubt she can compete with Kylie in Street Fighter (or my favourite, Biodome) and there's no way she could possibly surpass Dannii in Secrets. That's just a FACT. Now hurry up and accept my marriage proposal so I can stalk Carlos in Huesca!

Tony - That sounds like reality TV heaven. Soraya and Marta together. They should have a fake lesbian affair and release an erotic duet. I wish I could watch the show with you and JL in Madrid too.

Hey Fernando! I like Thalia but I prefer Paulina Rubio because she's a drunken whore. I love your Dannii blog and your dedication to floptastic divas warms my heart. I have to link you. Keep worshipping at the altar of Dannii!

Fernando said...

Mike, I have to thank you!
You introduced me to so the real flopstatic divas!
Liza, Toy Toy and so many others that I saw here!

Let the altar of the Dannii stay lightned for ever and ever.

My altar will be more lovely once I get my hands on that aussie Club Disco, don't you have one to sell?