Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amanda Lear's Brief Encounters

Watch out, bitches - the Queen of China Town is back! Details of the divine Amanda Lear's first studio album in 3 years have finally emerged and if the amazing tracklist is any indication, we are in for a rare treat. The genderbending icon has revealed that the album will be called "Brief Encounters" and features two distinct themes spread over separate discs - kind of like a more fabulous version of Beyoncé's "Sasha Fierce"! The first disc is said to have a pared back, acoustic sound and features original tracks as well as several eyebrow raising covers, including the MASH theme song and Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black". The mind boggles! I'm particularly looking forward to Amanda's version of David Bowie's "Sorrow" - after all she did star in the original 1973 video. While I'm tantalised by the prospect of Miss Lear in acoustic mode, I'm positively beside myself about disc two.

Someone Else's Eyes
I Don't Wanna Lose You
Let's Love
Sorrow (David Bowie cover)
Back to Black (Amy Winehouse cover)
I Belong To You (Lenny Kravitz cover)
Comment te dire adieu (Françoise Hardy cover)
Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
Suicide Is Painless (MASH theme song)
Fallin' in Love Again
Je m'appelle Amanda
Secret Lover
Cupidon (Acoustic)

The second disc returns Amanda to her happiest hunting ground - the dancefloor. Not only that but my friend and Australian Hi-NRG legend Peter Wilson has contributed three tracks to the album and produced a fourth! Some of you might remember my interview with Peter from early last year, in which he revealed submitting a song to the legendary diva called "Brand New Love Affair". Peter described it then as sounding like a sequel to Amanda's 1978 disco classic "Follow Me", so it promises to be brilliant. Peter and his songwriting partner Chris Richards also contribute the song "C'est La Vie" and produce a lush cover of "Always On My Mind", which is definitely more Pet Shop Boys than Elvis. You can hear a clip of this dark and hypnotic delight here. Simply click on the link "The Album" and prepare to be blown away! Even more exciting - if that's possible - is the fact that Amanda covers one of Peter's own songs, the fabulous "Doin' Fine". There's no word on a release date for "Brief Encounters" as yet but it's slated for the European spring. It goes without saying that I can not fucking wait!

Doin' Fine (Peter Wilson cover)
This Is Not America (David Bowie cover)
Let the Music Play (Giorgio Moroder cover)
Always on My Mind (Elvis Presley cover)
Brand New Love Affair
C'est La Vie
Doin' Fine (12" Version)
Always on My Mind" (12" Version)
It's a Good Day
This Is Not America (12" Version)
It's Hard to Say Goodbye

To celebrate the imminent return of this timeless diva, check out Amanda's disco version of the alphabet (below). I can't stop watching it. The whole thing is just so breathtakingly fierce and original. My favourite line - "G, of course, stands for getting divorced!" Welcome back, Amanda!


Jump! said...

The effect on this video are amazing. Why can't dannii have these production values?

Jay said...

Amanda is fabulous! I think you might actually like one of my future posts too! (Probably not the latest one though...)

Jamie said...

Amanda Lear is too fierce for words and I cant wait to hear her doing Amy Winehouse. As for this video, well Lady GaGa could take some tips on how to actually be fierce instead of some second rate diva wannabe.

Scarlett said...

Slightly on topic - I think "I'm A Photograph" is one of the coolest songs ever. Yay for Amanda! :)

Tommy said...

I'm not quite as well-versed on Amanda's more recent material, but this looks to be very exciting! Original tracks aside, I'm not normally one for cover albums, but there are some intriguing song choices here (the Giorgio Moroder non-album track "Let The Music Play"). Either way, her voice can probably make just about anything sound intriguing. I'll happily listen to Amanda recite the phonebook.. or even the alphabet, as it were (that video is divine!). Thanks for the update! :)

Anonymous said...

Did she have her tits shrunk, or is that just Photoshop?

Anonymous said...


Enjoy 2 new tracks:- Someone Else's Eyes (Duet with Deadstar)
- Let The Music Play

From the forthcoming album Brief Encounters produced by Just Good Music For Your Ears.

Thanks A Million!

Mike said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the tip. The songs sound absolutely AMAZING! I'm so excited about this album. I just know it's going to be brilliant.

Now Amanda just has to add me as a friend on Myspace and my world is complete! X

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do u have any contact #s for her european record company..mgmt etc. i want to discuss liscensing it for the usa...my label is outsider music and i released the artist MOREL..the death of the paper boy and COLTON FORD..tug of war cds.
michael alago

Anonymous said...

Well, the double CD is finally here, and it's amazing! A fantastic album, not to be missed!!

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