Monday, December 08, 2008

The Brigitte Nielsen Collection

I've talked a lot about my Spanish CD shopping spree but I was equally frivolous with my cash around the rest of Europe. Today the focus is on my favourite purchase from Germany - the Brigitte Nielsen anthology! I almost fainted when I saw Brigitte sharing shelf space with Pink and Beyoncé in the new release section of a Berlin record store. The thought that my beloved Gitte had recorded a new album after a 16 year hiatus was almost too fabulous to contemplate. I seriously haven't been that overwhelmed since the DVD release of "I Know Who Killed Me"! Sadly, on closer inspection, the self-titled release turned out to be a compilation of the Danish diva's first two albums - 1989's "Every Body Tells A Story" and 1992's "I Am The One... Nobody Else". It seems the project was timed to cash in on Brigitte's star turn on a German reality TV show, which basically involved her having hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery on national TV! Check out her ruthless publicity whoring here.

Any disappointment I had about the album not being an original work was fleeting. Gitte's musical masterpieces are almost impossible to find and both usually cost upwards of $50 on Ebay. This lovely package finally makes Brigitte's amazing pop anthems accessible to her tens of fans and gives me hope that La Toya's 80s flops will eventually be re-released. It also serves as the perfect introduction to new admirers as the album basically covers Brigitte's entire music career! All that's missing is her stunning Giorgio Moroder produced duet with Falco "Body Next To Body" and her brilliant collaboration with RuPaul, "You're No Lady". I've written about the genius of Brigitte's early material in the past and time hasn't wearied my devotion. "Every Body Tells A Story" is brilliant Europop, while the hilarious urban experimentation on "I Am The One... Nobody Else" has to be heard to be believed.

Make sure you check out the film clip to "Every Body Tells A Story" (below). I hadn't seen it in years and had forgotten how utterly sublime it is. I would sell my Dannii promos for new material! In the meantime, order this amazing collection of tunes from German Amazon for the bargain price of 16 Euros. It's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

1. My Girl (My Guy)
2. I've Got The Best Man
3. How Could You Let Me Go
4. Give Me A Chance
5. If You Stay
6. On The Move
7. The Dream
8. The World Got In Between
9. Nothing Ventured
10. Who Told You
11. Casanova Baby
12. It's A Strange Love
13. Stalking Your Heart
14. Every Body Tells A Story
15. The Persuader
16. Maybe
17. With You
18. My Obsession
19. Keep It Moving
20. Another Restless Night


tommie said...

I feel guilty now as I've known about this collection for a few months now!

At least I've told my parents that All I Want For Christmas Is Birgitte. Hopefully, they won't buy her Playboy issue for me, or something like that. Ew.

Jamie_movietrip said...

What are the liner notes like? I need an excuse to buy this as the original CDs are already cornerstones of my collection. Give Me A Chance still gets me everytime, genius! I didn't know Brigitte was still doing reality shows, is there any country she hasn't whored herself to yet!

Ro Ro said...

bitch share! u know aint no record company gonna come after u for this! i need it! i want it! i gotta have it!!! *dies*

Paul said...

She does have amazing tits.

Anonymous said...

Did you get her europop stuff a couple of years ago - released under the name "Gitta" - "No more turning back" and "Tick tock" :)

I liked these best... when she had neon pink hair...


Mike said...

Ro Ro - I think I sent you B's albums earlier this year!

And thanks for the reminder, Chris. I totally forgot about the Gitta phase. I'm pretty sure I have at least one of those singles somewhere. I'll have to go digging for it ASAP!

Ro Ro said...

okay i admit it my excitement got the better of me. i see theres nothing new on here. But it's still fabulous she got a re release!

Jay said...

You have to watch this: Brigitte being interviewed by Joan Rivers!