Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lost In Spain

I've escaped London for a few days of Spanish fabulousness. Posts will resume soon with a recap of my trashy adventures - if I can bring myself to leave this gorgeous country!

PS. Thanks for all the e-mails and texts updating me on "X Factor". I'm glad to see buxom Ruth make it through another week with her stunning rendition of "Enough Is Enough" (above). This sexy señorita's magnificent rack is Spain's greatest export since paella!


Paul said...

she was very good. i think her bosomas are her back up singers :)

Julian said...

Hey Mike!

I am very leased to meet you!

I Will send you the songs of Chicasss, teh Sapanis-Bananarama.

Meanwhile you can listen to them in my blog.




Peibols said...

Tell them Spain is plenty of Cheryl's fans! Say it!!!

holidayingjay said...

Perfection is the 42nd most played song in one of the Yumbo`s trashiest bars! Kylie could onbly manage #47 with YDNY!

Jamie said...

Bloody hell Mike, you get everywhere! Glad to see Ruth's rack will be back again next week. Dannii has been so fierce and her Louis gay taunts are getting more extreme.

D'luv said...

Shove a chuletilla up your ass for me, stripper!

Anonymous said...


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