Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dannii's Latest Shitty Cash-In

I've always lived by the motto that whatever Kylie does, Dannii can do better - a fact the younger, more fabulous Minogue proves yet again with her latest crappy compilation of previously released songs. I thought the "X - Tour Edition" was the year's more pointless release until the tracklist of Dannii's "The Early Years" was revealed. There are no new tracks, just a stack of shitty remixes and a bunch of songs from "Love & Kisses" and "Get Into You". I'm a huge fan of early Dannii and was hoping to finally hear some of the songs from Dannii's scrapped third album (like the original, poptastic version of "Everlasting Night"). Instead we get stunning rarities like... "This Is It". Cheers. I'm not sure who this shameless cash-in is actually supposed to appeal to. The Dannii faithful will already have these tracks in their collection and casual fans would be far better served to spend $2 buying "Love & Kisses" and "Get Into You" from Ebay. At least that way you wont miss out on true gems like "Party Jam" and "Work" - not to mention the opportunity of listening to Kylie's vindictive attempt to torpedo Dannii's career by writing "Love Traffic" for her! Even more annoying is the fact that it's a digital only release - we don't even have a selection of curvaceous pre-surgery pics to drool over. I think Dannii has officially scraped the bottom of the barrel with this turd:

01 Love And Kisses (Dancin Danny D 7") 3:43
02 Success (Bruce Forest 7") 3:47
03 Attitude 5:12
04 Jump To The Beat (L.A. Master Remix) 4:35
05 Baby Love (Silky 70's Edit) 3:46
06 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 7" Edit) 3:29
07 True Lovers 4:37
08 Show You The Way To Go 4:27
09 Love's On Every Corner (Alternative 7" Edit) 3:44
10 Be Careful (7" Edit) 3:42
11 Lucky Tonight (Original Version) 4:37
12 This Is It 3:40
13 This Is The Way (Master Guitar Mix) 4:39
14 Get Into You (Original 7" Radio Edit) 3:46
15 Kiss And Make Up (Original Version) 4:28
16 Until We Meet Again 4:26
17 I Wish You'd Stop Wishing (Original Version) 5:20
18 Baby Love (E-Smoove 7") 4:28
19 Success (E-Smoove 7") 2:50
20 This Is It (Murk 7") 3:58

Oh and in case anyone is holding out for an Australian release (a la "Club Disco"), I contacted Central Station and they said they were not planning to pick this trash up due to the fact that Mushroom Records (Dannii's old label) hold the rights to these songs. Could "The Early Years" be any more pointless?


tommie said...

Nawfensayz has said that they're working on two new projects (hopefully reissues of her first two albums instead?) and this is just a thing to get her earlier singles up on iTunes.

However... this is bullshit for the time being. Cheers Dannii! You always know how to outdo that tarty sister of yours.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you don't know that Universal own the rights in the UK, this is a UK only release and it's for the benefit of having Dannii's material available for download!

Also you love Love Traffic and Party Jam? Please!

Lexy said...

Wow anon please TAKE A SEAT. Party Jam is amazing <3

Johnny D said...

The Early Years was talked up forever, promised to be jam packed with unreleased material, mixes and rare gems. And this is the final product. No physical release, delayed and no unreleased 90-94 material.

And to add insult to injury, now we are being promised another compilation "jam packed with unreleased material, double cd, 24 pages of photo's etc etc etc" to be coming soon.

It'll probably end up being a 10 track itunes best-of released in Christmas 2010.

Paul said...


Holidaying Jay said...

I can exclusively reveal that 98.625% of Spainish Record dealers have no fucking clue who Mannii Minogue is - no doubt due to such utter shite as this. So much for this project being ready to go since the NN days...

Jamie_movietrip said...

'digital only' - yuck! It would be a nice addition in physical form, but I'm not paying for this!

Martin said...

I read on the Dannii forums *does a hail mary* that someone had the audacity to claim this release was rubbish. Nathan's response was "no offence, but this album wasn't intended for you lot". Christ, Dannii's now releasing albums that AREN'T aimed at her fans!? WHO DOES SHE THINK BUYS HER GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT CD'S ANYWAY? MUSIC LOVERS!?!? OUTRAGEOUS!

Johnny D said...

I know. I had the audacity to say that I wasn't gonna pay for a Christmas Cash In, and pay for the next holiday for Dannii and her record execs, and was crucified.

I guess the best news is that as it is not being digitally released outside of UK, is that no-one outsideof the UK has to feel any remorse about downloading it "uofficially".

Maybe I am just getting old and bitter, but I can't justify spending any more money collecting all this crap for the sake of the Dannii section in my cd drawers. Especially when these releases are so shameless.

Anonymous said...

Dannii looks like she's been hitting the pies on that picture lol

Jay said...

Even by Dannii standards this is a complete and utter joke. So much for it being nafens pet project that he was doing especially for the fans and ensuring it had all the pre-Girl unreleased tracks on it and no room on the 2CD set for videos or even for big hits like This Is It and Love And Kisses...

So as a reward for loyalty, dedication and actually spending our hard-earned cash on Dannii throughout her 17 years of delays and FLOPS, the thanks is essentially her management team saying "fuck you" while he continues to encourage illegal downloading so he can get his leg over with some equally rancid Droid twink.

Poor Dannii - no wonder she is a laughing stock.

Johnny D said...

Its hilarious that Dannii now has had more low budget compilations of her "hits" than actual studio albums.

Albums: Love and Kisses, Get Into You, Girl, Neon Nights

Compilations: Singles (OZ), Remixes (OZ), The Hits And Beyond, Unleashed, Club Disco, The Early Years.

Talk about milking it!

undisco_me said...

Dannii looks like she just ate Cheryl Cole in that picture (funny that even while slimmer on the live shows she still looks like she's just ate someone's pussy - Sinitta's obviously). Asking Dermot if he had any mouthwash literally hours before the live show, she had to settle for his "home-made" protein shake, hence why she is getting so many botox accusations again this year (don't they know the benefits of a firm coating?). Where was I?

Oh yes, I have hardly any of these tracks as I've never cared to buy her first 2 stodgers - Party Jam is an essential flavour for anyone, it's so luscious and giddy. I really had high hopes that this would soundtrack a V.T for the singer but instead we get lots of Call The Shots wilderness backing vocals and the like.

Puppy-Phat Dannii Boppers such as PJ and Jump To The Beat were a phenomenom that exhausted her ever since. Only the leakages Everlasting Night '95 and Keep Up With The Good Times have revived this squeeling energy from her since.

I've actually reloaded SUP to my MP3 player - time has been very kind to it!

What has happened to DDB - "invitation only!"?

Jay said...

da rLe yRz iZ sUld oWt oN itOnZ1111 £ux£z1111
(picture from MF)

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