Monday, October 27, 2008

September - The Album

One of the most exciting developments on the Australian music scene since I've been away is the unexpected success of September's "Cry For You". For those of us who have been following her career for years, it's almost surreal to see Petra (her real name) in the upper reaches of the ARIA chart - particularly after Robyn's dismal local showing. I know it's unfair to compare them but I've always thought of September as the Swedish Kylie to Robyn's Madonna. She's less pretentious and more fun. She's also not taken quite as seriously as her more successful counterpart, which is a shame because September has produced more than her fair share of pop gems over the years - the majority of which are included on her forthcoming Australian debut album.

"September" is a veritable greatest hits package, combining the best tracks from her last two Swedish albums - "In Orbit" and "Dancing Shoes". Her older hits are well represented (the fabulous "Looking For Love" and sublime "Satellites") along with the highlights from her recent output ("Cry For You" and "Can't Get Over"). I'm also pleased to see September's cheerful death anthems make the cut ("R.I.P.", "Flowers On The Grave" and "Until I Die") and even more thrilled by the inclusion of "Midnight Heartache" (still love that sample!) and "Because I Love You" (my favourite track from "Dancing Shoes"). The only disappointment is the glaring omission of "It Doesn't Matter", which would have been a far better choice than the insipid "Sound Memory" or the downright shit "Freaking Out". However, it's only a minor complaint when you consider the bonus remix and five video clips. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Satellites
2. Cry For You
3. Can't Get Over
4. Because I Love You
5. Sad Song
6. Looking For Love
7. Flowers On The Grave
8. Until I Die
9. Freaking Out
10. Taboo
11. Candy Love
12. Midnight Heartache
13. Sound Memory
14. Follow Me
15. R.I.P


16. Cry For You (Candlelight Edit)


1. Cry For You
2. Can't Get Over
3. Satellite
4. Looking For Love
5. Cry For You (Original Clip)

The album will be released on the 15th of November, nicely timed to coincide with September's first Australian tour (she's performing at Sydney's Home nightclub on the 9th of November - more information here). In other September news, the follow up single to "Cry For You" will be a freshly remixed version of "Can't Get Over" - complete with new remixes from hot local djs.


Aaron said...

That's a pretty decent tracklisting - You are right about It Doesn't Matter though.

I can't wait for the release date!!!

Robert said...

Now Lucky Twice please

Anonymous said...

Can't Get Over as the next single? No!!! Satellites is so much better

Paul said...

Love September. Love your analogy of her robyn kylie and madonna. spot on. perhaps that is why i have serious issues with boring Robyn. Oh well. At least this has Taboo on. which is immense :) hurrah.

Jamie_movietrip said...

I'm too excited for this! I must have been one of about 5 people to buy Satelites in the UK when AATW released it, although I wish I had kept it when I moved house - look at the price of it now!

tommie said...

Horrible news about Billiam: