Wednesday, October 29, 2008

City Girls - O.M.G.

Occasionally I hear a song so wonderfully awful that it literally stops me in my tracks. City Girls' debut "O.M.G." is just one of those gems - a tune so bad it transcends the taste barrier to the point of being FABULOUS. So who are these City Girls and what makes "O.M.G." so fucking trashtastic? In response to the first question, they are a new four piece girlband aiming for a piece of the pop pie currently being munched by The Saturdays. Their sound isn't worlds apart from Red Blooded Women, Electrovamp or Stonefox but it's their lyrical genius that really makes them stand out, which basically answers the second question. "O.M.G." boasts some of the crappiest rhymes in recent memory. My personal favourite is "OMG you're stalking me, you're freaking me out. No LOL, you bother me. What's it all about?" This opus about love via Myspace deserves an Ivor Novello award. That's not to mention the overbearing production or the trashy typing sound effects at the end of the song!

According to City Girls' website, "O.M.G." was released in August but it doesn't appear to have charted at all. I guess there's no accounting for taste! Happily, the girls haven't been deterred by this minor setback. Sheena, Sian, Sophie and Rebecca are busy touring high schools and even lend their immense vocal talent to the DS Nintendo Girlband game. If the songs on their Myspace are any indication, they have some real potential. I love the clips of "Make Up Your Mind" and "Tell Me Why", while "Dancing Like Swayze" gets my trash juices flowing with the amazing chorus "You're there dancing like Swayze. I'm here dancing like Baby"! It will be interesting to see what the future holds for City Girls but at least we have the musical masterpiece that is "O.M.G." to enjoy in the meantime. Check out the amazing video clip below.

On a completely different note - I'd like to say farewell to Billiam who annnounced their split today. Yes, they were shit but I liked their rubbish songs and I wish them all the best for their next venture. "Boyz Text Girlz" will live on forever as a trash classic of the highest order.


tommie said...

The Billiam news is just too horrid for anyone to handle :-(

PS: when is the post about Sweden's King of Pop coming? Am I going to have to create a Mikey_Trash voodoo doll?

Paul said...

oooo and here was me hoping you and I could stalk Billiam at Nightingales. Poptrashtic Scott from the X Factor is there this saturday though... :P