Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheryl's Desperate New Low!

I apologise for writing back to back Dannii posts but The Daily Star has revealed lurid details of Cheryl Cole's desperate ploy to prevent Dannii winning the X Factor - by promising her sexual favours! The article, shockingly titled "My Lust For Dannii", exposes Cheryl's promise to kiss Dannii on live TV if one of her acts wins the competition:

One cheeky punter asked Cheryl: 'If you had to snog, marry or push any of your fellow judges off a cliff, which ones would you choose?"

She giggled: "Well, I'd definitely push Simon and Louis off a cliff. And I'd snog Dannii."

Cheryl then teased: "If I win X Factor with one of my acts, then I'll snog her anyway!"

I have never been so disgusted in all my life. It appears that racist Cheryl has been reading up on Lezzigate and plans to exploit Dannii's weakness for cheap looking brunettes. The Girls Aloud "singer" is obviously convinced that the prospect of lesbian action will get Dannii so hot and bothered that she sabotages the chances of her own contestants! Sadly, the despicable plan could bear fruit if Dannii's lustful reaction is any indication:

As loud wolf-whistles echoed around the TV studios, Aussie babe Dannii shrieked with delight!

Dannii, try resist the temptation! Take a cold shower or give Janine a call instead. I bet that loose tramp couldn't find her own clit, let alone navigate her way around your precious clam! Read the whole sordid story here.


Peibols said...

How dare you... there were rumours this afternoon in Spain streets about this post.
I didn't want to believe it.

But it's true.

Cheryl deserves to win more than ever.
Unless I want Ruth to win.

Aaron said...

Oh - That's low!

Jay said...

VILE! I can't believe that racist beard would exploit Dannii's lesbian leanings like that! Especially with a husband who isn't gay and who doesn't stick mobile phones up his arse alongside other manly heterosexual young male footballers.

Poor Jupiter must be devastated!

Jamie said...

Is the writer of that article really called Peter Dyke! I dont blame Cheryl though, I know I'd touch Dannii like that if I had the chance.

tommie said...

That flat-chested rancid slut should be so lucky! Dannii likes real curves on her women judging from Janine's sexy tale!

I'm sure Dannii only shrieked to be polite. Poor Dannii, always misunderstood!

Anonymous said...

Trust the racist bitch Cheryl to stoop as low as that. When she isn't being cheated on by her gay husband she's causing racist attacks in nightclub toilets or offering sexual favours for career boosts! The tramp!

crisco xx

Paul said...

oh she really is intolerable isn't she? And that fucking ugly tattoo on her hand? HIDEOUS!

BruDé said...

Nathan actually confirmed this !!!!!

bubu said...

come on, dannii is so smart that she will turn this situation to her own benefit.
maybe releasing a lesbian love songs compilation: "I kissed a girl aloud".
you'll see.

Scarlett said...

So so glad to see you back! :D I hope you're doing well!!

How absolutely shameless of Cheryl! :O But look at it this way - it just shows how desirable dazzling Dannii is!